Advantages & Disadvantages of Village Life Essay in Points

We all have been through a time in our lives when we wished to live a simple life like that of a village. Where there are no rush hours, no stress, no deadline, or heavy workload. But hey! We also cannot live without the necessities of life such as electricity, food, transportation, and roads that village life is unable to provide us. To balance it out, we have prepared a full list of all the advantages and disadvantages of village life.

Advantages and disadvantages of village life
The People back home on cycles after finishing their work on farms

To know more about these, let us read the paragraphs below. We hope you like reading these.

What are the Pros and Cons of Village life in Points?

  • Village Life is Peaceful
  • Freadom of Time
  • Village Small Houses Benifits
  • Socializing Advantages
  • Safe from Pollution
  • Low cost of living
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Lack of opportunities
  • Lack of Exposure
  • Lack of Facilities
  • No Business Opportunity
  • No Gathering Halls

Advantages of village life

We know that Village life is great to live. Let us know the advantages of living a village life in the details points below.

1. Peaceful life

The first and the most important advantage of living in a village is that a person feels peaceful. The peace of mind one gets in a village cannot be compared with the pressures and rush hours of city life. Due to small houses, people living in a village are much more social and aware of the neighborhood as compared to city life where people are so busy that they rarely get time for themselves.

2. Time Benefits

There are no rush hours, no deadlines to meet or no alarms set by people who live in a village. In village life, the sun rises and that is the time and indication for people to wake up. People living in a village do not have to worry about the time and that is why they are always peaceful.

They have their farms or other small chores that can be completed at any hour of the day. They do not have to go to the offices like people who live in city life.

3. Small Houses

In a village, people have small huts or houses that are made up of either wood or mud. Due to this reason, their houses are always cool and they do not need an air-conditioner. It helps in preventing the blockage of fresh air into the houses unlike city houses, where the tall buildings are the air-blockers.

These small houses are thus pretty much manageable. The chores are less, and therefore the people need to clean less area. The family members are thus in close contact with each other and are aware of what is happening inside the house.

4. Socializing Benefits

People living in a village live near other members of society. They know when somebody in the neighborhood is sick or if there is a wedding going on. Unlike, people in the cities, due to big houses and busy lifestyles, they do not have that much time to check on the people. Therefore, most of the time, people need an invitation for the ceremonies.

People living in a village have more consideration towards other members. They can give time and attention. This is of my personal experience and I like this point in advantages of village life.

5. Less Pollution

You would hardly notice a car or a jeep in a village except for the very rich families. Yes, that is because people who live in a village earn less, and they do not have that much money to afford a vehicle. This in turn has a very huge benefit and impact on the environment of the village.

Due to this, there is less pollution and the air is free of all sorts of toxins such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other harmful gases. That is why people who live in a village are more healthy and fit. We know that, In city life over village life, the vehicles emit harmful gases that are the root cause of various health-related disorders and risks, for example, allergies.

Freshness of Village life
Three Boy’s Standing Holding Branches

People who live in a village normally use a wheel-cart or they move from one location to another by walk. The wheel-cart is run by a strong animal such as a horse, cow, or camel. These animals are hereby nature and they are unable to emit harmful gases that can cause the surrounding environment to get polluted.

6. Less cost of living Advantages

People who live in a village earn less money. That is why the cost of living is also very low. The only costs that will be incurred in living a village life will be food, clothes, and looking after the animals. All other necessities of life are almost free, even water and food. If somebody has a farm and animals, then he/she does not need to buy milk, vegetables, fruits, meat, egg, and similar things like that from the market.

Most of the people in the villages are self-employed. They will either earn money by stitching, selling animals, selling milk, or selling fresh vegetables and fruits to the local market. The profit margins are low, and that is why they tend to live a very simple life. Since everything is almost free or self-generated, that is why the cost of living in village life is so low. What do you say about these advantages of village life that have so many advantages too in subcategories?

7. Healthy lifestyle

People who live in villages often have a very healthy lifestyle. The diet that they keep is quite healthy and it consists of all fresh fruits and vegetables. The air that they breathe is fresh and free of all sorts of toxins. Not just this, the atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming.

That is why people who live in a village often encounter fewer disorders and diseases as compared to those who live in cities.

That was the end of Advantages, let’s move toward Disadvantages / Drawbacks.

Disadvantages of Village Life

Well, we have mentioned enough benefits of village life, let us some of the drawbacks of village life as well in the following points mentioned below.

1. Lack of opportunities

The first and foremost disadvantages of living in a village on the list are that there are very less opportunities. Be it work, be it earning money, or be it traveling. The opportunities are limited. It is because people earn less and they do not have that much to earn those opportunities.

The only domain that people who live in a village are engaged in is agriculture. People who live in a city can do in various industries such as manufacturing or technology, but people who live in a village are deprived of these industries and working in these industries.

2. Lack of Facilities

As compared to city life, village life does not provide the people with a lot of facilities such as proper infrastructure facilities. It can include necessities such as electricity, hospitals, schools, and roads.

Disadvantages of village life
No Roads, Hospitals, Schools and more facilities in Village.

However, city life has all of these facilities and they are available at ease. In village life, a person has to work a lot just to bring food to the table, however, in city life, there are a lot of work opportunities through which a person can earn.

3. Lack of Exposure

The biggest disadvantage of living in a village is that the people get very less exposure. The education levels are also not above high school. The people who live in a village are narrow-minded. The traditions and cultures are very strict and have certain boundaries. People are not allowed to go beyond those boundaries.

A narrow mindset leads to making a decision that is not rational. That is because of the lack of education and exposure.

4. No Business Opportunity

There is no opportunity in village life to increase the business. If a person wishes to start a business, due to a lack of money and necessities, the business cannot be expanded.

5. No Wedding Halls

The fifth drawback in the list of disadvantages of village life is no gathering halls in the village. The villages do not have wedding/ceremony halls. People often gather at each-other homes. The biggest disadvantage of living in village life is that people do not even remember their birth dates. This is because of the lack of education and exposure to the outside world.


As we come towards the end of the article, we would like to leave a few remarks. Village life is great to live, you get everything fresh and right out of the farm such as a nice atmosphere, fresh air, fruits, and vegetables. However, there are some drawbacks of living a village life too such as a lack of necessities. Now we want to hear from you, what you like has advantages and what are the disadvantages of village life in your eyes. Don’t forget to share with us. We’ll publish your thoughts on our website.

In our article, we have mentioned all the advantages and disadvantages of village life. We hope, you found our discussion useful. If you have liked what you have read, do share it with your friends and colleagues, who might like reading this. Happy reading!

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