Best Clamming Gloves of 2023 | Review & Buying Guide

While there are many different options of best gloves for clamming out there, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right pair. Clamming is a great way to keep busy while enjoying the outdoors at sea areas. Some people enjoy it as a sport, some people do it just because they enjoy fresh seafood, while others do it for the sea life. Regardless of why you clam, you need the right equipment for the job. You need good clamming tools, which also include a good pair of clamming gloves. This blog will look at what to look for in that good pair of clamming gloves and discuss the different options that you have. As we’ll discuss in this blog, there are different types of gloves based on your preference and need.

Best Gloves for clamming
Orange Color Glove on the Beach Sand

You know that Clamming is one of America’s favorite past times. Whether you are into commercial shucking or just dig clams for dinner, you will be outside in the elements for most of the day and night. You will definitely want to have some special tools and a good pair of clams digging gloves on hand to keep safe your hands from freezing. Sure you can keep your hands warm and dry with a few layers of wool, fleece, and even cotton gloves, but it’s going to take a lot longer to dig through the muck and mud for clams. And digging is the most important part of clamming. That’s why heavy-duty, waterproof pair of digging gloves aren’t just recommended, they’re a necessity. This page will explore the different varieties of razor clams digging gloves available, tips for choosing the best clamming gloves, and a review of some of the top brands. Our reviewed gloves brand works in every state from Washington state, Alaska State, Tampa Bay State, Northern California, Southern California, Florida, Nova Scotia, Maine, Oregon to even in the Galveston taxes.

Top Rated Gloves for Clamming Comparison Table

S. No.Product NameSizesPrice
1.Pro AnglerSmall, MediumCheck More Details
2.Vgo Bamboo Work GlovesSmall to X-LargeCheck on Amazon
3.Extreme Cold PVC Coated GlovesAvailable in One Standard SizeCheck on Amazon
4.TGeng Gloves with ClawsLargeCheck More Details
5.Redneck Shoulder Length Decoy Accessories38 InchesBuy on Amazon
6.Emerit for Men and Women Small to X-Large Check More on Amazon

Best Clamming Gloves in 2023

  1. Pro Angler Best Overall at the Glance
  2. Vgo 5-Pairs Bamboo Work Gloves
  3. Midwest PVC Coated Clamming Gloves
  4. XJYAMUS Waterproof Gloves with Claw for Digging
  5. Redneck Convent Shoulder-length Clamming Gloves
  6. Emerit Clam Digging, Gardening & Fishing Gloves

1. Pro Angler Clamming Gloves

These Pro Angler Gloves are a must-have for the active cold-weather sportsman. They are constructed with a water-resistant shell and ultra-soft fleece lining for exceptional comfort and warmth. The 4-way stretch spandex in the wrists of these men’s gloves allows for a snug fit that won’t get in the way of your fishing and razor digging. Made with Pro Angler’s patented technologies, the glove’s grip design features a high-performance grip with a non-slip pattern and is touchscreen-friendly. At some stages in an emergency, if you need to use your mobile phone for attending calls or making a video of your beach tour, you can use your smartphone without any hesitation and without removing your gloves.

They’re constructed with pre-curved fingers that mimic the hand’s natural curvature to help fight hand fatigue, while the fleece lining allows for a soft feel and warmth without bulk. These Pro Angler clamming gloves could be the perfect addition to your outdoor collection. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. These are comfortable fit on your hands, just wear gloves and start digging, boating, hunting, and making your clam species.

  • Wrist strap proof to prevent water from entering your glove.
  • Waterproof.
  • Pull on Closure type.
  • Comfortable fleece lining.
  • Available only to your forearm.

2. Vgo Bamboo Gloves for Clamming, Gardening, Fishing & Restoration Work

Vgo Bamboo clamming gloves are the best and perfect accessory for clam diggers, gardeners, movers, landscapers, fishermen, and outdoorsmen of the world. The soft bamboo fiber will make work go a little bit easier. The elastic waist allows these clamming gloves to stay snug on both large and small wrists. These clam gigging gloves have a light rubber coating to offer durability and are breathable enough to keep comfort in mind. Whether your work is in the garden, ice fishing in ice water, or at sea, Vgo waterproof hunting gloves have you covered. Available in five sizes and in a variety of two colors, Vgo gloves are the perfect solution for an active lifestyle.

The bamboo fiber allows these best gloves for clamming to be breathable, which helps prevent sweating in your hands. The gloves are made of bamboo fiber which is sweat-absorbent and breathable. it helps keep your hands dry and comfortable, Moisture Absorption and Good Breathability. The elastic wrist of our Bamboo nitrile work gloves makes them easy to slip on and off. This high-quality pair of clam-digging gloves is durably crafted and can withstand both heavy and light work. The gloves are perfect for gardening, clamming, or even fishing. The gloves are made of high-quality natural materials, reusable and washable to ensure wearable for a long time.  The gloves have an elastic waist, which makes the gloves stay snug on the wrists both big and small. All of the details are designed with elegance, making your hands shining and classic.

  • Practical and Durable.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight.
  • Elegant and Classical Style.
  • Available in Two Classic Color Combination
  • Smaal, Medium, Large and X-Large Sizes.
  • Not suitable for heavy works, Become seperate after few days if you use for hard work.

3. Extreme Cold Weather PVC Coated Clam Digging Gloves Reviewed

Keep your hands warm and dry with these flex gloves while working outside in the coldest conditions. The Extreme Cold weather Decoy Gloves by Midwest Store are waterproof and heavily insulated to keep your hands warm even in the harshest weather conditions. The Decoy warmest Gloves feature an extended gauntlet cuff, ideal for reaching into extremely cold water or ice fishing. At an affordable price, these extremely calm functional gloves have a sandy, rough finish to provide ultimate grip on your left hand and right hand equally. The PVC-coated gloves are perfect for duck hunting, trapping, crabbing, digging bay clams, varnish clams, razor clams, or snow-blowing. Lined with Thinsulate Insulation, you won’t find a warmer glove for extremely freezing or wet conditions that comes with full shoulder-length gloves for ice water and clam outdoors.

Midwest shellfishing gear stores offer these cheap Extreme Cold Weather PVC Coated best-clamming gloves with Thinsulate Insulation that are ideal for the strong grip around your clam rake and shovel for digging the clam hole, also best for trapping, crabbing, and snow blowing. The PVC-coated best-rated heated gloves are waterproof and heavily insulated to keep your hands warm even in the harshest weather conditions. One size fits most. These are extended gauntlet cuffs, ideal for reaching into extremely cold water or ice water. The Decoy extreme gloves for clamming have a sandy, rough finish to provide the ultimate grip. Lined with Thinsulate Insulation, you won’t find a warmer glove for extremely freezing or wet conditions. Stay warm and dry while in the coldest conditions. Keep the cold and wet ice or water out, and keep the warmth inside with these top-quality clamming gloves

  • Best full size shoulder-length gloves.
  • Best for nitrile works.
  • Ideal for very cold conditions.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride Material
  • The dexterity tends of finger suffer from bulkier.

4. TGeng Waterproof Claw Gloves for Digging

Well! the TGeng clam dig gloves are perfect for all your hand fingers, the claw on the middle finger, forefinger, thumbs even you can set the extra claws to all your hands as per your requirements. These clam digging gloves are high quality, sturdy, durable, and fashionable, these are made from waterproof materials and convenient claw design for the best enjoyable experience on gardening and outdoor beach activities. Claws are durable and high-quality ABS plastic, which is also rust-proof & easier to clean. It’s great for planting, harvesting, digging and weeding, etc. This pair of hand gloves also protect your hands from cuts and broken nails. The gloves are a universal size and suitable for men, women, and even older kids. The good quality of the gloves assures comfort, protection, and durability, which are your best choices for a birthday, Holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. You deserve it!

All the colors in this product for gardening provide good protection for your hands. The padded palms provide extra strength and durability for those sensitive jobs. There are 4 durable ABS plastic claws on each hand, which make it easy to dig and plant without hand tools, but if you want claws on your thumbs, you can remove them from other fingers and easily adjust your thumbs. You can easily change to different hand positions according to different needs. The gloves have good compression and grip due to the rubber palm. These garden genie gloves are the perfect gift for a gardener or as a birthday gift for your friends and family. The gloves are also good for gardening enthusiasts.

  • Equipped with claws on the fingertips for digging.
  • Waterproof
  • Cheap in Price
  • Rubber Material
  • Breathable design
  • Blisters and swelling on the hands.

5. Redneck Convent Trapping Gauntlet Gloves

Prevent cold hands and frozen fingertips when snow hunting, clamming in the cold weather, or fishing for pike, walleye, bass, perch, muskies, or other cold-water species by wearing these Redneck Convent Trapping shoulder-length Gloves. The long, insulated cuff with a waterproof shell provides full protection from the elements, while the integrated hook-and-loop patch makes the gloves easy to remove. But the most important feature of these hand warmers is the rugged grip on the fingers, palms, and fingers. The textured materials of these heavy-duty clamming gauntlet gloves help you hold onto your decoys with ease and keep your hands steady to prevent any shooting accidents. Constructed from premium materials, the Redneck Convent Trapping Gauntlet Gloves are built to be tough and last for many seasons of ice fishing, finding razor clams, and hunting in the cold.

These full shoulder-length and best-rated heated gloves are waterproof, whether you’re setting up and tearing down decoys, setting up decoy lines, or handling/shooting a firearm with your clamming gloves on, the Redneck Convent Trapping Gauntlet hand warmer will leave your hands toasty warm and dry. The 38″ full-length shoulder-size Gloves are perfect for handling your waterfowl decoys, snowblowers, snow shovels, firearms, or ice fishing on your favorite beach in Washington state. The Polar Fleece Thinsulate Insulated Safety Gloves for clamming are fully submersible and feature a long gauntlet that will cover all the way up and across your shoulders. The Redneck Convent Trapping Gauntlet Gloves will increase your productivity and keep your hands warm while you work.

  • Cover your full arm these are shoulder length.
  • Use for multipurpose, Clamming, Hunting, Digging, Gardening etc.
  • Only avilable in one size 38″.

6. Emerit 2 Pairs Bamboo Garden Gloves for Clamming

Gardening is an excellent hobby or lifestyle for those who love nature. Gardening is a great way of getting fresh air, staying active, and of course, enjoying the fruits of your labor! If you are a gardener, it is very important that you always have the best gardening gloves on hand. Why? Because the wrong pair of gloves can actually cause injuries and even permanent damage to your hands while gardening. If you’re sick and tired of buying cheap gloves for clamming that leave your hands feeling like you just stepped on a cactus, then let the Emerit Bamboo Garden Gloves be your new go-to pair of gardening gloves as well as gives top-quality results in the clamming field.

Your clam gloves should be as kind to the environment as they are to your hands. When you don’t want to touch the dirty business of clamming mud at the beach with your bare hands, slip on a pair of these bamboo Nitrile-coated working gloves. The lightweight, breathable design protects your hands from over-exposure to the sun, wind, rain, and dirt while allowing for a natural gripping surface with no-slip warmth. Ideal for use in the garden, landscape, roadside, clamming, fishing, and everywhere you need strong glove protection, these bamboo clamming gloves are far gentler on the hands than traditional cotton options. The Emerit pair of hand protectors come in large, medium, and small sizes, meaning there’s a great fit for every hand shape and size. The gloves also feature a nitrile coating on the palm, which provides the perfect amount of grip as you work.

  • Especially made for gardening, fishing and calmming.
  • Perfect for both males and females.
  • Positive rating by the buyers, Good five star rating on Amazon.
  • Affordable in Price
  • No cons.

Buying Guide for Best Clamming Gloves

It’s important to figure out which features are most important to you when shopping for clamming gloves. You want an effective, comfortable glove that provides protection and ease of use during your time collecting seafood in the ocean, but how do you get started? Before even beginning your search, make sure you cover the basic points that I mentioned below.

1. Cuff Length

It’s important to consider how far up your arm you’d like to extend while clamming. We have basically three cuff sizes while clams digging: the first one is wrist-length gloves that simply cover your hands and nothing more. Then there are elbow-length cuffs that extend all the way up to your forearm and usually tuck directly into your jacket from there. The last and largest cuffs length extends all the way up to your shoulder and is worn exclusively with waders.

2. Gloves Must Be WaterProof

When looking for your clamming gloves, it’s important to first determine whether or not they’re waterproof. Clam digging often leads you into a tide that involves ponds and tidal areas which means routine digging may lead to flooding during these times. In order to harvest clams, one must dig deep enough in order to reach the clams underneath – a foot deep is common, but this depends on where clam digging takes you – which means when the tide comes in waves are stirred up that may flood the hole completely. That’s why it’s so important to use gloves when harvesting clams because waterproof gloves will be keeping hands warm and dry while enabling you to still comfortably work with clams.

3. Sizes and Griping

When clamming, one of the biggest issues is keeping a good grip on their tools so they don’t slip. Some people wear fitted gloves when clamming but that might actually cause their mobility to suffer, which is never a good thing when you’re trying to pick up your clams quickly before they go back down into the sand! Another option would be to wear textured gloves so that you won’t end up with an injured hand or muscle cramps if it’s cold out. The truth is, there are lots of options for clamming gear – and no single piece of clamming gear will work well for everyone – we strongly suggest that if you plan on harvesting clams, then do some research on what kind of glove you think will work best.


What months are best to dig clams?

Most people think that digging clams in the winter months is the best time to get on. The reason is the whales that feed on clams are not swimming around in the winter. It’s true that you are less likely to dig a clam in the winter. But you are also less likely to dig a clam in the summer or fall. The bottom line is that it is a matter of chance. The bottom line is that it is a matter of chance. The chances of digging a clam are exactly the same in any month.

What beaches have clams?

The clams are almost can be found on every beach sand at some places we dig them easily and sometimes finding them takes a lot of time but mostly we recommend Washington state, Galveston taxes beach, Tampa Bay State, Alaska beach, Northern Californian Beach, Southern Californian Beach, Florida Beach, Nova Scotia State, Maine Beach, and Oregon Beaches are best for clams.

Can razor clams cut you?

When you see razor clams you might be fooled into thinking they are cutlery! … The name ‘razor’ comes from their sharply edged shells which can cut your foot if you step on them – making it easy to forget they’re not knives.  


Although it seems that the number of clamming tools is decreasing, it does not mean that the need for them is also decreasing, on the contrary, clamming is a relaxing and fun activity, and people still clam and clamming tools are still in demand. So if you are a clammer and you are looking for the best clamming tools to have, you can visit our website regularly for more clam tools and buying guides. We will have a lot of clamming tools for reviews in a new feature, and we will be very happy to help you with your choice. I have been fishing since my childhood days, but I have never given much importance to clamming until my friend introduced it to me a few years ago. There are so many things to keep in mind while claiming and it is not something that can be done in a day or two. This is why I started looking for the best clamming tools to make my work easy and trouble-free, and the best clamming gloves are one of them that can help you at the beach.

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