Best Gaming Mouse Under $15 Dollars in 2023 | Massive Review

Want to buy the best gaming mouse available for under $15 in 2023? Or maybe you want to know about the most-used wireless and wired selling price of a mouse under $15? In this article, we will be looking at the best gaming mice under $15 that you can get in 2023. We have thoroughly reviewed each mouse and its specifications to ensure that we deliver you the best value for our money. We will also be looking at the maximum prices that you should pay for the mice to ensure that you get the best quality mouse at an affordable price. We’re sure that you’ll be able to get a great deal here.

With the rise of gaming and electronic devices, the mouse, mouse pad, keyboards, CPU, monitor, and other devices have become the single most important piece of hardware that you need to buy and use to play games. Without a good combination of mouse and mousepad, you’ll end up frustrated and have a terrible gaming experience. You’ll find these electronic mice on the market in various price ranges from $15 to $100, $200 to even more than that. It is important to learn about each of these features of the mouse and mousepad before purchasing one.

Best Gaming Mouse Under $15
Logitech MX Master 2S

As we all know, the gaming mouse is perhaps the most important and best-selling peripheral of all time. They are used by those who wish to play online games while on the move and those who use them to play video games in their living rooms. As gaming has become more popular, so has the market for these devices. There are several gaming mice with features that you can find available at prices well under 15 dollars each.

Take a quick review of the table below and get the latest version of your favorite gaming mouse for under $15 each.

Best Gaming Mouse under $15 of 2023

  1. VEGCOO C10 Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse
  2. VersionTECH. Wireless Gaming Mouse with LED
  3. Redragon M601 RGB Ergonomic Wired Mouse with 7 Buttons
  4. Coolerplus FC112 Gaming 7200 DPI Wired Mouse Under $15
  5. VEGCOO C8 Silent Click Wireless Rechargeable Mouse
  6. INPHIC Pink Mouse For PC Gaming and Window System
  7. LENRUE Wired Gaming Mouse for Laptop PC & Mac
  8. TENMOS T12 Wireless Optical Mice with LED Light
  9. FIODIO 7 Colors RGB Mice, 6 Buttons for Windows 7/8/10
  10. HAVIT HV-MS672 3200DPI 7 Circular Mice not Under $15

Technology Gadgets have become extremely popular in the gaming community in recent years. There are a lot of gamers who like to play games on a PC, Laptop, or Mac, but since they want to be able to play all types of games, they need a mouse that is specific and fulfills the need for each game. We collected and designed this page to help you find the best both wired and wireless gaming mice in 2023, and it will help you choose the right one for you.

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1. VEGCOO C10 Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

The VEGCOO C10 Mouse is a great partner for all gamers, its comfortable feel combined with its 2.4GHz wireless technology makes it very comfortable to use in the gaming world. There are two colors available in the C10 model and the C12 has four color combinations. VEGCOO is perfect for those who play games online as it allows for more consistent and precise tracking. The dual-color LED RGB lights will allow you to play in a variety of color schemes without losing any tracking precision. The VEGCOO C10 and C12 also have a 600mAh Lithium rechargeable battery which means that you never worry about running out of power with your mouse.

The VEGCOO C10 is an ultrathin, lightweight, powerful and comfortable mouse with high-performance technology and a solid display that is easy to use. with 7 buttons to control mouse movement, and 2 buttons to control the cursor, creating a convenient user experience. Comfortable feels good in your hands and gives you the look you want. This is perfect under $15 mouse for gaming, surfing the net, or working on your PC. With 2.4GHz wireless technology, this mouse works great in most places and is easy to set up in a few seconds.

Most gamers love to play at night, and I would recommend buying the C12 green-colored LED light illuminators for your gaming desk to take full advantage of the nighttime gaming experience. The color schemes are different for all models, so users can select which one they prefer. Soundless clicking is a way to type without disturbing others in a calm environment. A friendly environment is a way to play with others in a calm and friendly environment. This wireless mouse technology is the technology that allows you to play with your friends without any disturbance or interference from other wireless devices.

  • Optical Technology
  • Available in Six Colors
  • Best for PC
  • Wireless
  • 7 Programming Buttons
  • Great Option for Gaming Lovers
  • Battery Life is Good But when down, it’s working Slow.

2. VersionTECH. Wireless Gaming Mouse with LED

The VerisonTech is one of the best gaming mice under $15 nowadays for pro gamers. This is somewhat popular amongst PC, Laptop, Desktop, and Mac users. This high-performance wireless clicky mouse is the ultimate accessory for gamers, computer enthusiasts, artists, and anyone else that needs a mouse with a lot of functionality. It features two Black and White color schemes with the ultimate RGB LED that helps during nighttime performances but also helps during the day. It has six convenient control buttons that can be customized to suit your personal needs. The ergonomic design provides users with a solid grip, while the soundless click ensures no distractions, making it easy for the user to adjust to the new environment. Strong durability and the battery can last up to a long time on a single charge offers an adjustable weight reaction system that allows you to set the mouse up to fit your hands.

VerisonTech uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology to provide stable and precise tracking. It has a quiet, silent clicking sound with LED lights so it doesn’t disturb other people or your game with its nice and pleasant clicking sound. It has a friendly environment and changes the three levels of DPI to 800, 1200, and 1600, which can save you battery life as well. Its comfortable optical movement feels will make you feel like you are playing on a real mouse pad. With an extra-large and striped scroll wheel, you can easily scroll up and down as you move your actions around the screen.

3. Redragon M601 RGB Ergonomic Wired Mouse with 7 Buttons

You’ll feel like a real gaming pro when you use this cheap gaming wired mouse. It is an ergonomic design with a perfect weight of 4.9 ounces which should satisfy all the needs of gamers in a similar way that the wrist rest of an ordinary mouse provides. In the end, we’ll discuss which one is best wired or wireless, but this one RedRagon wired with an ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip on your palm and allows you to move smoothly on any surface, even with sweet, wet hands. You don’t need to buy any additional wrist rest or grip to get an amazing gaming experience.

The Redragon M601 is designed with high-end features and a sleek, ergonomic design. With a total of 7 buttons and an anti-skid scroll wheel, this mouse provides the best gaming experience for any professional gamer seeking comfort, accuracy, and control. With the help of advanced gaming software, you can easily adjust the custom backlight modes from 5 to 10 points. In the pack, there’s a free USB connector, 6 feet long and 3mm long with strong fiber charging and a connecting USB cable. It supports all the old Windows versions, including Windows 98, XP, Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows 10. One of the best amazon choice products in PC and electronic items.

4. Coolerplus Gaming 7200 DPI Wired Mouse Under $15

Coolerplus model number FC112 is also wired into the best mice for gamers and has some new technologies, including the new optical tracking system and micro-switches, which will greatly improve your experience. After testing out a few mouse models, and finding the prices to be too high, we’ve decided to provide you with one of the best gaming mice under $15. Well! The PICTEK has solid build quality, and the RAM is much more than what you would typically find in a standard desktop computer. You can program up to 3 buttons on this mouse, and it has a 1 Million DPI sensor. The cord is quite short, which may be an issue for some, but it’s still a solid option for Linux and Windows users alike.

This makes it an ideal choice for PC, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Mac, PlayStation Vita, and Tablet PC gamers. There are three available in three distinct colors: White, Black, and Grey. It comes with a 5-foot long and 3mm long fiber detachable and reliable cable. You just need the 1 LR44 battery required to operate it, with a RAM of 1MB, and the rapid movement and high precision of the device. 

Coolerplus FC112 has an ergonomic design and an ultra-fast USB sensor. Wide-ranging DPI settings with 1200DPI, 2400DPI, 3500DPI, 5500DPI, and 7200 high DPI settings Full RGB LED backlight with 11 lighting effects and 2 adjustable lighting zones. Also, having an adjustable polling rate of 125hz to 1000hz helps in high-speed movement and makes it faster, more accurate, and more like an ordinary mouse for games.

5. VEGCOO C8 Silent Click Wireless Rechargeable Mouse

On the list of VEGCOO brands, the second item we selected was the C10 model and now this one is the C8 model. The next level of gaming has arrived with the highly-rated VEGCOO C8 and we also have more advanced-level models like the C9, C11, C20, and C21 all priced at the same price. VEGCOO is the new name of choice when it comes to gaming mice and keyboard manufacturers. With a variety of designs, colors, and high-quality products, VEGCOO meets your needs. Well, this model offers 6 programmable buttons which you can program to suit your own personal needs, whether you want to game at low or high sensitivity or use the buttons for surfing the net, or for saving purposes. 

It is wireless and rechargeable and includes a 400mAh Lithium battery, with a maximum working wireless distance of 10m. The USB receiver is based on nanotechnology to save battery life when it is not in use for sleep after 15 minutes. Show the three-blinking red light when the battery is low. Weighted rubberized base for maximum control, 6-button layout. Easily ON/OFF buttons, Rubber scroll wheel, charging port all these things are available at a very affordable price. Supports all types of Windows operating systems, including MAC 10.1, and later, sorry for the lack of support for Type-C ports.

6. INPHIC Pink Mouse For PC Gaming and Window System

The top 5 in-style mice for girls include the Pink Gaming Mouse for under $15 USD, USB Optical, and the Mute Click button for the girls to play with while they are in the game. The very best mouse for female gamers is super cute with very professional packaging. The mouse has the following functions: 7 programmable buttons, High Precision Optical Sensor, Ergonomic Design, Wide Compatibility, and several other features. It’s incredibly powerful and accurate thanks to a high-precision optical sensor. The girls can also control their own mouse with two extra buttons on the side.

INPHIC is not only a gaming mouse production company but the manufacturer also produces gaming keyboards and gaming mousepads. This item comes with 7 programmable buttons, and 2 buttons added on both sides of the mouse which allows you to customize it in your own way. It is compatible with most of the popular operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 11, and it comes in a pink color which is very beautiful and cute. The best thing about this product is that it comes with an ergonomic design which makes it suitable for a wide range of hand sizes.

High-precision 4,800 DPI optical sensor. This lets you control the screen very accurately and swiftly. When playing games, the keyboard will go out of focus. To play games, you have to use a mouse that can handle the mouse pointer. The estimated total life of this product is around 3M Clicks. The wired option is awesome and has a much faster connection speed than other USB mice. This makes it suitable for competitive gaming.

7. LENRUE Wired Gaming Mouse for Laptop PC & Mac

If you are asking me to buy a $15 gaming mouse, I’ll close my eyes and go for the LENRUE wired mouse. I just love this because of its unique and ergonomic shape – the LENRUE is one of the cheapest mice with advanced A704 laser technology. Well, the wired cable is super durable and on top of this, we got to see the double DPI tracking system that we have been using for years. The bottom surface of this product is made using the Antiskid Foot Patch. An optical sensor delivers the highest precision and accuracy for gamers with a smaller mouse. Its soft rubber-frosted texture provides superior grip and comfort and low-friction rubber pads that reduce sliding for better control. The seven side buttons can be programmed to make it even more customized. A unique tail design makes it much easier to store, and the included keyboard & Mouse Cable allows you to use it with your Computer, Laptop, or Macbook while having long distances.

The LENRUE V1 gaming mouse has a simple design and brilliant color scheme, making it a favored style of play for gamers everywhere. The 7-sensing, circular, and bright LED lights allow you to play late-night dark games with ease. With an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand, you’ll be able to play longer before your hand starts to hurt.  LENRUE V1 mice for gaming are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a mouse with good specifications at a very cheap price. This V1 model is very suitable for any gamer because of its good performance in beginning-level games. 

If you want a detailed review of the Lenrue Gaming Mouse, visit the link in this line to get more information about this Lenrue Gaming Mouse.

8. TENMOS T12 Wireless Optical Mice with LED Light

The TENMOS T12 in Silver color is a powerful wireless mouse for games under $15 that offers comfort and performance in an attractive and compact design. Confidently control your favorite games with durable connectors and click buttons that respond quickly and accurately. Look for the consistent performance and powerful functionality of this wireless mouse to ensure you get the best experience possible. Perfect for any gamer, this simple but effective addition makes for a dependable companion.

The main features that every gamer loves to acquire for late-night gaming in TENMOS T12 are unique from all the previous items we discussed. Smart and Rechargeable Mouse 2.4G wireless connectivity, Compact in size and weighing only 5.3 ounces it is quite easy to move around and has a very nice feel to it. The backlight LEDs are interchangeable, having three different adjustable DPI levels ranging from 800 to 2400. It also works fine while sitting far from your computer monitor screen wirelessly at a distance of 30ft. This optical and ergonomic design has a total of seven buttons along with a soft and shining wheel. Compatible with all windows operating systems, it is the best item for laptop users, who go to sleep when not in use for 10 minutes. 

9. FIODIO 7 Colors RGB Mice, 6 Buttons for Windows 7/8/10

The best and most innovative silent mouse for playing high-resolution games is a great optical option for beginners who want to become experts in the gaming world. The smooth scroll across the mouse pad and the accurate clicks of the buttons are some of the features that will definitely help you in your game. The overall life of these ergonomic mice is up to 5 million clicks which works long enough to complete your mission. The 5500DPI standard comes with a strong, proprietary wired cable that’s plug-and-play, which means you don’t need to install extra software to use it. 

More from the FIODIO 7 RGB color mouse with six play buttons. This is a wired mouse for under $15 with the latest technology, which is silent and you have no need to worry about charging and a low-power battery option. They are also the best for gamers that need to strengthen their claw grip to play the most popular games like Minecraft, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Cyberpunk, and much more. It is portable, hassle-free, easy to use, and has no noise during usage, it’s compact in size and works awesome on all types of surfaces. They are having two buttons on the top (left and right: the central wheel, and the DPI switch button at the top, easy to change; the backward button and forward button are very helpful on the left side and right of the mouse.

10. HAVIT HV-MS672 3200DPI 7 Circular Mice above $15

Well, last but not least is the $15 price point, which is super high and tops our list of budget mice for gaming. The HAVIT HV-MS672 Wired Mouse provides an excellent experience with a variety of custom-designed features. It has a high-precision optical sensor that allows you to move the mouse at different speeds anywhere on the screen. This mouse is designed for consistent and precise movements, so you never have to worry about the cursor jumping or moving around. The HAVIT HV-MS672 Gaming Wired Mouse is the ideal choice for all types of computer users. With a sleek and convenient design, this mouse has 6 buttons, 7 light color modes, and 4 LED adjustable DPI settings.

The Havit HV-MS672 with 3200DPI Wired Mouse from HAVIT manufacturers is a wired, high-performance mouse with an ergonomic design that is designed to be used across a wide range of settings. It has a total of 6 programmable buttons and can be used in wired mode with a braided cord plug and cable to play with. Utilizing a smooth, optical sensor, this mouse is ideal for gaming and other PC activities. It features 6 DPI settings for varying degrees of accuracy from 800(red) to 3200(pink). This is an excellent gift for your loved ones.

You have to plug the USB cable into your computer and then the USB cable has to be plugged into the mouse. One of the downsides of this mouse is that it only has 4 DPI settings, which is not as high as some of the other mice on the market. While this mouse is not as “high-tech” as some of the other mice on the market, it does have a few other features that make it an ideal choice for the market.

All in One Gaming Accessories Kit

Whether you’re having trouble with your keyboard, headphones, or mouse pad, the ORZLAY store presents all-in-one gaming gadgets including the Gaming Mouse, Keyboard, Headphones, and Mouse pad at a very reasonable price, with a price tag of around $40, which is a lot to look forward to. This is a wired bundle option with RGB backlights, one of the best combinations for PC, XBOX, and PlayStation gamers. ORZLAY presents this set in three different color combinations in Red, White, and Pink. This could be the best gift any parent could buy their kids. The headphones are foldable and the mouse pad is extra soft, allowing gamers to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with this kit.

  • An Affordable package
  • All in one gaming accessories included
  • Mouse, Keyboard, Mouse Pad, Headphnes etc. matched with each other.
  • Set of three beautiful color combination
  • Perfect Gaming Console
  • Well, if your one piece not working in the set you will need to buy new one that would never meet the set colors.

Best Gaming Mouse Under $15 Buying Guide?

The wired and wireless gaming mouse and mice are some of the most exciting gaming accessories that we need to have as gamers, especially when it comes to our laptops, PC, Computers, Xbox, or PlayStation. These gaming mice are affordable and very durable, and they’ll help you play games that come with advanced features. The mouse should also be comfortable for you and your hands while playing your favorite games. For you to know more about this type of gaming mouse, you can read the most important points and buying guide before making your final decision about these mice.

1. Sensors

Most of the popular mice use optical sensors, while some of the best-selling ones may use laser technologies. As mice have evolved, the differences between the two technologies have become indistinguishable. While brands advertise and market their products differently, they are usually very similar. Both the technologies are different in price and speed, before making a final decision you must need to see what type of sensor meed your needs. Poor quality sensors put you in trouble and you will need to clean your mouse sensor every month.

2. DPI

3. Griping

4. RGB

5. More Buttons

6. Weight

7. Battery Timing

Wireless vs. Wired Gaming Mouse which one is best?

The main difference between wired and wireless gaming mice is in the technology used to power them.  It’s not a big deal, but it can definitely make life easier.  Even so, there are other ways as well that you can improve your gaming experience for free. The wired mouse is as good as you’re gonna get in terms of responsiveness and built quality. However, if you have a lot of space and want to use a wireless mouse, the wireless mouse has the advantage in this regard. Moreover, both Wired and wireless have many advantages and disadvantages. Well, we have a lot of models that support both technologies, which you can use as wired and wireless as well. Let me to make a comparison list of both technologies.

Pros & Cons of Wireless Mouse

Pros of Wireless Mouse
  • Stylish, Versatile, and Popular Now a day.
  • Look tidier
  • Compact and Portable, Best for travel.
  • Premium models offer excellent gaming
  • It’s user-friendly, easy to use.
  • Perfect Performance
Cons of Wireless Mouse
  • Battery Make It more Heavier.
  • Don’t work on low battery power.
  • Some of them need to install software to use.
  • Usually expensive than the wired.
  • Always worry about charging.
  • Easily to use in distance from your screen.

Pros & Cons of Wired Mouse

Pros of Wired Mouse
  • Working Very Fast.
  • Mostly Plug and Play no need of software.
  • Cheap as compared to Wireless Mouses.
  • No need to recharge.
  • Wire transfer the maximum power so work fine.
Cons of Wired Mouse
  • Chances of cable annoying
  • Not Suitable for travel.
  • Can’t use for a large distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a good gaming mouse cost?

The average cost of a good gaming mouse starts at $15 to $150. But for $150 you can acquire the best possible options that fulfill all your needs and offer the functionality of a wired and wireless bot. When it comes to gaming, not all mice are created equal, but when comparing the average price of the best gaming mice, the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is an inexpensive option. There are different ways to approach the gamer’s hobby, and there are different ways for a gaming mouse to handle some of those tasks. The second thing depends on the user, on what type of games they want to buy, and what the hardware and software requirements of the games are.

What is the best gaming mouse in the world in 2023?

Logitech Manufacturers make many models, but the Model G502 is the best mouse in the business, and it has been one of the most popular among pro gamers this year. The most comfortable to use, ergonomic shape, and the momentum scroll wheel is the momentum scroll wheel which is used to control the movement of the scroll wheel as it moves through the screen. A perfect list of the buttons that each player needs to play their favorite command. The world of 2023 mouse gaming is perfect for everyone.

What mouse do pro gamers use?

We have several mice that are mostly good in the FPS sports world. Now a day in the fast age of 2023 most pro gamers uses the Razer Deathadder V2, Razer Naga Pro (for MMO Games), Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed, and SteelSeries Prime Plus. All these options are used by all the pro gamers.

What are the most popular gaming mouse brands?

We have hundreds and thousands of brands that manufacture mice for gamers. Each brand/company has its own competitive challenges. But it’s the best mouse for your home and office use that works well and is a favorite of yours in everyday life.
1. Razar
2. Logitech
4. Redragon
5. Havit
6. VerisonTECH
7. Bengoo
8. Corsair
9. UtechSmart
10. ASUS

Razer Basilisk V2 vs Logitech G502 Hero

Razer Basilisk V2 and the Logitech G502 Hero both are good mouse brands for gaming nowadays. Well, both have 11 programming buttons and you can imagine the quality of both products that are most popular among gamers and wired mice for gamers. Razer Basilisk V2 provides a seven days replacement if you don’t like the features while Logitech offers a one-year limited warranty. Logitech has a 25k sensor, 25,600 maximum DPI, and onboard memory as well. While Razer provides the 20k DPI optical fast-switched sensor with Chroma RGB lighting. If you ask me to choose, I will definitely go for the Razer Basilisk V2.


The mouse should only do the job it’s intended to do. This means that a gaming mouse needs to be reliable. It must be functional and compatible with the most popular games out there. If you are a gamer or a person who plays a lot of games, you probably have tried many gaming mice. However, if you are looking for the best gaming mouse under $15, then the above list will help you pick the right one.

In the past few years, gaming mice have become very popular and are being used by many individuals all over the world. The gaming mouse has come a long way in terms of quality, durability, and design. It’s no wonder that this product has become so popular. The gaming mouse is one of the tools you need to have if you play online or offline video games. They are capable of allowing you to control the computer and even give you the power to run commands.

Recently, the gaming mouse market has skyrocketed. Thanks to the increasing popularity of the PC gaming market, all of a sudden, the number of game console manufacturers has dropped and now it’s about to be the PC Gaming world in itself.

The gaming mouse is a well-worn phrase by novice gamers and professionals alike. The wireless gaming mouse allows an individual to take a step back, pushing themselves to a new level as the competition grows and spots grow weak. I hope our tech article, suggests your precious opinion about our reviewing criteria and buying the wireless gaming mice. Shortly, we would publish more content about the mice on the Homepage like the Razer Mamba, Sure Optical, Logitech, Vortex, Mionix, Mad Catz, and much more.

More Recommended Gadgets for Pro Gamers

The following gadgets and items may be out of our topic but these are also helpful and an ideal choice for every gamer. The first item helps your health and keeps your eyes safe from eyesight problems. The rest of the remaining are also part of the gaming community to play like a professional to gain the maximum advantages.

  1. Blue Light Computer Glasses
  2. Gaming Keyboard
  3. Gaming Mouse Pad
  4. Gaming Headphones
  5. Gaming Chair
  6. Comfort Gaming Seat Cushion
  7. Foot Rest for Under Desk

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