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An excellent gaming mouse can significantly help your game-play performance in all types of video games whether they are online or offline. We all know that a good gaming mouse can also help you to enjoy your game for hours nonstop. They can also help you to be more comfortable with your gameplay. And we have thousands of gaming mouse models in a variety of price ranges and qualities as well. And this particular page will help us to pick the affordable and Best cheap gaming mouse for under $20.

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Since the inception of gaming, technology has been playing a key role in the improvement of the gaming process. There is a wide range of gaming accessories available in the online market today. One of the most important parts for any gamer is the gaming mouse. A high-performance gaming mouse can help you to improve your gaming skill and performance and minimize the chances of failure and defeat. But you know that not all mice are made of the equal quality vise and price vise. There is a wide range of gaming mice available on Amazon, Best Buy, and platforms like eBay and Walmart. We all grew up playing video games and some of us never stopped. Even as we transitioned from the pixelated characters on our old TVs to the flat screens of today, we never lost the need to blow off some steam and let our geek flag fly.

Technology is always changing and we love it, especially the new inventions, fast & latest devices. As we saw the introduction of the first home gaming systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Atari, we saw the first wireless gaming systems like the PlayStation 3 and the Wii U and we were excited to see where they would go next.

The Logitech G300s makes for a great gaming mouse that’s cheap, comfortable, and has plenty of buttons. We know that this electronic computing device is a bit expensive over 20 dollars. But Its ambidextrous body can be used comfortably by both right-handed and left-handed users, and despite being cheap, it doesn’t look cheap at all. The G300s feels lighter, has a much better grip, much better contoured, textured side grips, and also, much better-shaped nine customized mouse buttons. Well, that was my favorite gaming mouse for $20, let’s have a look at some of more best wired and wireless $20 mouse options for all types of gamers.

Best Gaming Mouse Under $20 Review

  1. Best $20 Wired Gaming Mouse: Redragon M711 Cobra
  2. Best Gaming for Laptop & PC Under $20: ABKONCORE M30 Gaming Mouse
  3. Best Wireless Mouse Under $20: UHURU WM-02Z
  4. Mice with Honeycomb Shell: Mashiro Pink Color Wireless Gaming Mouse
  5. Best Silent Mouse under $20: VEGCOO C26 Silent Click
  6. Best Type C Mice Gaming under $20: IULONEE
  7. Best 20-Dollar Mouse for Video Games: FIRSTBLOOD AJ52 Watcher
  8. Best for PC and notebook: TENMOS K6 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  9. Cheapest $20 Mouse: VersionTECH. Wired Gaming Mouse
  10. Most Expensive Mice: Logitech G502 Lightspeed

1. Redragon M711 Cobra Black Gaming Mouse Under $20

Brand: RedRagon | Colors: Black and White | Price: Black is Under $20, and white is under $30 | Buttons: 7 Programable Buttons | Reviews: 7k+ | Type: Wired | DPI: 10000 Adjustable

Well, in the list of best gaming mice under $20, The Redragon Cobra M711 takes the first place and it is a solid gaming mouse that offers a unique and well-crafted design that looks and feels like a top-tier gaming mouse. It has a solid feel and is incredibly well-built for the price. The Redragon M711 Cobra gaming mouse is an exceptional choice for gamers on the go. It features an ergonomic design, fast response time, excellent accuracy, high precision, and high sensitivity. This gaming mouse has two programmable side buttons, allowing the user to adjust the Cursor speed on the fly, allowing faster or slower cursor movement, which is especially useful when gaming. The Redragon M711 Cobra gaming mouse is equipped with a 1000/2000/3000/5000 DPI adjustment button, allowing users to adjust the DPI on the mouse to meet different needs. It’s more precise, sensitive, and accurate during playing games. The Redragon M711 Cobra gaming mouse features an Ergonomic shape that fits into the natural curve of your hand, providing you with a more relaxed, comfortable feel during prolonged use. It’s equipped with a total of 7 adjustable buttons, making the mouse even more useful. Gamers can easily assign multi-key commands to each of the seven buttons to perform multiple in-game functions without having to change the original settings.

These 7 Programmable buttons enable you to quickly adjust to different gaming scenarios instantly and use your mouse with ease. This ergonomic right-handed and left-handed gaming mouse with a racing wheel design will help you play your favorite games more comfortably and freely. The Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse is a plug-and-play mouse but for a better gaming experience, we recommend you install the mouse DPI control software. You can use it for both rights and left hands, especially for those who want to use it as a left-handed mouse. It is an optimal choice in the office, library, dormitory, or wherever you like. It is a great gift for family and friends. It has a polling rate of 125Hz to 1000Hz along with 7 RGB lighting modes with 16.8 million colors backlit. Support all types of operating systems from old to the latest even work on Unix, Linux, Mac, and all PCs. The black color model of this mouse is under 20 dollars but the white color model of the Reddragon M711 mouse is a bit over $20. Both the models are the same quality vise only the difference between these mice is color, you can choose as per your choice. Well, if you ask me about my opinion, I’ll definitely go for the White Mouse.

  • Best Choice for Die Hard Gamers
  • Customized Function
  • 4 Polling Rate
  • 5000FPS and 100IPS
  • White Model fo Mouse is a bit expensive.

2. ABKONCORE M30 Gaming Mouse Under $20

Brand: ABKONCODRE M30 | Colors: Black | Price: Under 20 USD | Buttons: 6 Programable Customize Buttons | Total Reviews: 1K+ | Type: Wired Ergonomic | DPI: 3500

A compact and ergonomic design that makes gripping and moving your mouse a cinch, this is the second-best option for gaming lovers to buy cheap mice for under 20 dollars. The ABKONCORE manufacturer presents the model number M30, which is designed to fit in your hand and is compatible with both right and left-handed users. The M30 has a maximum 3500 DPI sensor and a minimum of 500 DPI that ensures precision gamers can set the DPI level as per their requirement and need. When it comes to buttons, professional gamers always love to have a maximum number of buttons but on a low budget of $20 it is a bit difficult to find out a mouse with 10 or 12 buttons. But the ABKONCORE M30 mice have a 6-programmable button setup for endless customization and, I think the number of buttons is enough for beginners even enough for professionals. Choose from a range of settings from 500 to 3500 DPI, with four adjustable polling rates of 125hz, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz for optimal precision. The three thumb buttons are compatible with both PC and Mac, giving you an edge no matter what you’re doing. Running out of battery is never an issue with the M30, either. Well the software CD of ABKONCORE is included in the package, if you lost the disk or broke it in the early stages you can find the software on ABKONCORE’s official website.

The Perfect Mouse for Gaming, ABKONCODE M30 Review
  • Enjoy The Visual Effects While Working and Gaming
  • Total 8 Number of Buttons and 6 programmable Buttons
  • 7 Step DPI Adjustment
  • Perfect for Finger, Claw & Palm Grip.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Only available in Black color.
  • It’s pretty small in size

3. UHURU WM-02Z Rechargeable USD 20 Mouse for Gaming

Brand: UHURU | Colors: Black | Price: 20 Dollars | Buttons: 6 Programable Buttons | Reviews: 2K | Type: Wireless | DPI: 4800

Stop waiting for your cursor to get where you want it to go. Get there faster with one of the best UHURU WM-02Z wireless gaming mice for under $20. Using an optical sensor, the UHURU mouse moves at an impressive DPI from 1200 to 4800, with five adjustable DPI levels. The instant your brain sends a signal, you will get to where you want to be. The UHURU Wireless Mouse features six programmable buttons that will let you assign them to any function you need. The computer hardware device even has a built-in lithium battery, which will allow you to play for several hours before needing to charge it. The mouse uses a USB receiver that plugs into your computer’s USB port. The UHURU Mouse is specially designed for all levels of gamers. You can assign different functions to the 4 buttons (Left, Right, Middle, DPI), and the 6th button can be programmed to meet your special game demand. Besides, the UHURU Mouse is an ergonomic fit in gamers’ hands. The mouse can make 360° rotations, which makes you feel comfortable while using it. It supports all the major operating systems from Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, and Vista, plus it also provides the best results with Notebook, Laptop, Apple, PC, Computer, and Macbooks too.

The model by UHURU manufacturers WM-02Z is a compact-size rechargeable wireless technology gaming mouse with a 2.4G wireless connection and a Nano Receiver. That saves you the trouble of a tangled cable and allows you to enjoy a fast and smooth gaming experience. To satisfy the taste of any gamer, you can charge this electronic device while using cables that come 150cm in length. The mouse is made of an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and assures you a good grip of grip during the game. The UHURU WM-02Z is a high-tech wireless mini mouse that is specially designed to meet the needs of gamers because it has seven different colors of flashing lights that are dazzling. You can view more details on Amazon by clicking the below or above link.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Automatically Changing the Colors
  • 5 Adjustable DPI Levels
  • Upgrade 2.4GHz transmission technology
  • Compatiable with all systems
  • Gaming driver is compatible with Windows only

4. Mashiro Gaming Mouse For Home and Office Use Under $20

Brand: Mashiro | Colors: Black & Pink | Buttons: 7 Sensitive Buttons | Reviews: 2 Hundred | Type: Wireless | DPI: 800 to 1600 Adjustable | Plug and Play

Well, if a thing has advantages, on the other hand, it also has disadvantages, the first thing I like in these wireless mice is Plug and Play, and I don’t like its low DPI level. Mashiro is a smart wireless mouse, which adopts a honeycomb hollow design, which is breathable, reduces the generation of hand sweat, keeps the palm dry and fresh, reduces the weight, and makes the mouse more flexible. Mashiro will be your good partner for work and small games. The mouse is wireless after it is paired to the receiver, which can be used without charging it. You can enjoy the convenience of wireless at any time. Built-in rechargeable battery, no need to purchase additional batteries, support while charging and use, charging about 2 hours to fully charge, can last a long time. There are 4 smooth UPE foot stickers at the bottom of the mouse, which makes it more flexible. It also comes with a USB charging cable, plug it into the USB port of the computer to charge the mouse, simple, and convenient. The material is soft rubber, and comfortable to use. It can be used on any flat surface, very easy to use.

The Mashiro 100% Wire-Free Wireless Bluetooth Mouse is the latest gaming mouse by Mashiro. It adopts a honeycomb hollow design, which is breathable, reduces the generation of hand sweat, keeps the palm dry and fresh, reduces weight, and makes the mouse more flexible. The Mashiro Wireless Gaming Mouse is just available for under $20 and it is also portable and has a built-in rechargeable battery, no need to purchase additional batteries. The wireless mouse comes with a USB receiver and can be connected to the computer via Bluetooth after pairing it with the receiver. The Mashiro mute and silent mouse is available in Black, and Pink Colors.

  • 93g lightweight structure
  • Plug and play
  • You can charge it with Laptop, Wall Charger and Power Bank
  • Optical Sensor
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • Skin Friendly
  • Noiseless and Silent Clicking
  • DPI level is low as compare to our other models we mentioned above.

5. VEGCCO C26 Silent Click 7D $20 Dollars Gaming Mouse

Brand: Vegcco | Colors: Multicolors | Buttons: 7 Sensitive Buttons | Reviews: 7K+ | Type: Wireless | DPI: Upto 7200 | Battery: 400mah

VEGCOO C26 is the “best wireless gaming mouse under $20” for people to play games on a PC/Laptop/Mac book. It has different colors to choose from, black, white, pink, white, and rainbow. The 400mah lithium battery allows you to use about 30 days once fully recharged. Its curve design fits your hand comfortably, which makes you feel less hand fatigue for a long time of use. C26 has seven total buttons, which are easy to press. Its scroll wheel is easy to rotate. Its led lights can be turned off if you do not need them. It can move your mouse freely within 10 meters. The C26 wireless gaming mouse is a good partner for you in the way of work or entertainment. It is a high-precision mini wireless mouse with an advanced scroll wheel, multi-color led lights, and high sensitive multi-channel receiver. With the advanced using technology of wireless mice, this ergonomic wireless mouse can be operated more smoothly and comfortably whether you are playing games, working on the computer, editing video, or browsing a website.

It looks small but its performance is big. The C26 wireless mouse by VEGCOO is designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. We use the most comfortable materials, curve design with hand-friendly materials, to make you feel comfortable when you are using it. Its adjustable DPI is up to 7200 DPI, which is high enough for you to play all kinds of games. It can be adjusted freely without any key. So, you can move your mouse freely without any obstacles within 10 meters. You can also turn off or adjust its Led lights if you are not using them at night, which is perfect for your children to play games on the laptop and computers. There are many more models available in the range of $20, C11, C20, C21, C23, C9, C9s, and C9n almost all the series of C is the best affordable option for gamers that are looking for the cheapest gaming mouse.

  • 400mah Lithium Battery
  • Silent Clicking Mouse
  • Wireless Rechargeable Mouse with Colorful LED Lights and up to 7200 DPI Adjustable
  • Variety of colors available
  • No Cons

6. IULONEE Type C Charging Gaming Mouse Under $20

Brand: IULONEE | Colors: Black, Pink | Buttons: 6 Buttons | Reviews: 60 | Type: Wired | DPI: 3200

We are discussing the different types and different models of various brands. You know that some of the models work perfectly on all computer and laptops and some of them work perfectly only with laptops and some of the models only works with PCs. But this IULONEE pc mouse is a PC mouse with a smooth and silent scroll wheel function. Adjust the DPI settings to a 500/1500/2000/3500 level, selecting a suitable DPI that can adapt to the various needs of the game. This mouse with a side flow lighting effect can meet your different styles of game. The unique style of the mouse has been introduced to the world. The C-wired mouse is simple to use, with no need for a battery, no Bluetooth or other accessories, just plug and play. The mouse is made of aluminum, high quality, and is durable. The best choice for you

IULONEE Type C gaming mouse comes with 4 kinds of lighting effects. These flow lights are the highlight of the Type C gaming mouse. It can match different kinds of the game environment, with 8 kinds of backlight effects, 2 kinds of breathing effects, and with 6 kinds of flash effects. What’s more, users could press the “DPI+” and “DPI-” keys to switch quickly. This mouse is suitable for all kinds of computers, laptops,s and cell phones. It also gives us the best results if we use it with MAC, Matebook, Chromebook, Macbook, HP Omen, Samsung tablets, Samsung S8, S8+, and more USB Type C devices. It is specially designed for gamers and office workers.

  • Fashion Gaming Mice
  • No need of USB C to USB A converters any longer.
  • USB Connectivity
  • Affordable in Price
  • Not so popular among the professional gamers.

7. FIRSTBLOOD ONLY GAME. AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming $20 Mouse

Brand: FirstBlood Only Games | Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, and White | Buttons: 7 Buttons | Reviews: 2.5K+ | Type: Wired | Polling Rate: 125 to 1000hz

The FIRSTBLOOD Optical Gaming Mouse is one of My Favourite and is the product of a union between a uniquely designed, perfectly ergonomic body and a high-performance optical gaming sensor. Allowing you to make the most of your abilities, the FIRSTBLOOD AJ52 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse is the best weapon in the arsenal of any gamer and the best-ever hardware device on your computer table. Additionally, the FIRSTBLOOD AJ52 Watcher mice are designed to help you with everyday tasks as well as those that require a bit more finesse from your computer.

The world’s only game AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming Mouse adopts the advanced optical gaming sensor, which will provide you with outstanding positioning, and tracking performance even though the mouse is moved fast; it will not cause any delay at all. You have no need to install additional software because it’s plug and play device, that works almost on every computer and support all version of windows. No matter how you adjust the sensitivity, acceleration, polling rate, or anything else. Feel like a pro game master at home or game center with the AJ52 Watcher Gaming Mouse! And the lights will be flashed magically; it is to create the coolest lighting effects. The USB cord of this mouse is built into the switch, which can be connected to any side. It is the wired mouse under $20 in four different colors to choose from as per your computer room combination.

  • Plug and play
  • No need for any software
  • Unique Side Design
  • To change the mouse DPI you need to install software.

8. TENMOS K6 Best Gaming Mouse Under $20

Brand: TENMOS | Colors: Blue, Green, Red, and White | Buttons: 6 Buttons | Reviews: 3.5K+ | Type: Wireless | DPI: 2400

The TENMOS Brand Model K6 is brought to you by the same company that brought you one of the best wireless mice out there – the Tenmos K4 Wired. The Tenmos K6 is one of the most popular wireless mice on Amazon for under $20, with over 3500 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars. The TENMOS K6 Wireless Gaming Mouse is also an Amazon bestseller, with comes in four different colors Blue, Red, Green, and white with lines and RGB lighting. If you like our Tenmos K4 Wired mouse, you will surely like our Tenmos K6. At the bottom of the mice we have the On and Off buttons to instantly shut off the RGB lights to save the battery life with just one Press. The 2.4G wireless technology work approximately within a distance of 10m. It also has the auto sleeping compatible mode, best to use with Notebooks, PC, and laptops. Have no need to install the additional software because it is Plug and Play! Simple and easy to use, plug the USB receiver into your PC or laptop, and you’re good to go. No installation is required.

  • No need to install software, Plug and Play.
  • Silent clicking.
  • Rechargeable Mouse
  • 5 Million Time Keystroke
  • Side buttons are not available for Mac OS

9. VersionTECH. Wired Gaming Mouse Under $20

Brand: VerisonTech | Colors: Red, White and Black | Buttons: 6 | Reviews: 10K+ | Type: Wired | DpI: 3600

VersionTECH Wired Gaming Mouse is one of the cheapest options on the page right now. This model comes in four different colors with RGB lighting and it is an Ergonomic Right Handed Ergonomic Shape Design, 7 Colors of Glowing LED Light, and Multiple Colors Glowing At Once. Highlights The Atmosphere Of Gaming, Comfort Palm/hand Grip, Four Button, Scroll Wheel With Rubber, Skin-friendly Surface, and Excellent Wired Gaming Mouse For Casual Pc Gamers, Well Compatible With Pc Laptop Desktop Computers Ps4 Chromebook, and Works Perfectly For System Of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac Os/ Linux Or Latest Operating System.

A high-quality wired gaming mouse for just under 10 dollars is a necessity for any pc gamer. A nice and well-designed it is a must for every gamer, is a necessity for every gamer. Have trouble with the game, experiencing the game lagging or unresponsive? An All-in-one wired gaming mouse is here to help you! VersionTech Wired Gaming Mouse is a good performance for you. Easy to use, plug and play, Ergonomic Design, it is perfect for every type of office work, home use, portable for traveling and gaming as well. These Bluetooth mice have a maximum of 3600 DPI adjustable levels.

  • Optical Movement
  • Cheapest Wired Mouse ever
  • 10K+ Positive review and rating all around the world.
  • All Purpose Mouse
  • Press Forward / Back Button
  • DPI to turn off the light.
  • No cons

10. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Most Popular Gaming Mouse

Brand: Logitech | Colors: Black | Buttons: 11 | Reviews: 6.5K+ | Type: Wireless | DpI: 25,600

We know that this page is all about showing the best gaming mouse under $20 and this product is the most expensive of all mouse brands and models. But mostly Pro-Gamers use Logitech G502 Lightweight and lightspeed. This is one of the most selling brands of the year as well as the most-selling mouse of 2020. After labeling the most popular and most selling we have no need to review these Logitech mice. But a bit little about the mice is that you can get a maximum of 25,600 DPI laser precision with the Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse. It’s designed to give you a hyper-fast cursor response for competition-level twitch targeting. The wireless system works seamlessly with other Logitech G wireless products, so you can take full advantage of the wireless power play charging system.

Deck out your mouse with the Lightspeed Charging System. Never worry about your battery life again. Never worry about your mouse running out of power while you’re in the heat of battle. The G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse has 24-hour battery life. You’ll never have to worry about the mouse slowing down or losing power while you’re in the heat of battle. With a 1:1 tracking ratio and up to seven hours of non-stop gaming, this ultra-fast wireless mouse gives you the winning edge in every MMO & FPS game like overwatch, Counter-Sticker, Minecraft, Valorant, Apex Legend and World of Tanks, etc. You can buy this mouse by clicking the link below or clicking on the mouse picture on the right side and purchasing it for under $130.

  • Adjustable weight system
  • Plastic neutral certification
  • Lightsync RGB technology
  • Wireless Charging
  • Most Expensive Mouse of 2021

Conclusion for Best Gaming Mouse Under $20

There are so many gaming mice on the market right now that finding the right one for your needs can be difficult. This is why we have put together this review of the best gaming mouse under $20. We have carefully analyzed each gaming mouse to ensure that they are an improvement on their last model. We tested out each mouse for its performance in different situations including FPS, MMO, and RTS styles of play. We then rated each gaming mouse on its value for money, comfort level, sensor type, buttons, and build quality. We hope that this article has helped you to make an informed decision on which gaming mouse to buy for 20 dollars.

If you are looking for a gaming mouse that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, then you should read more about the Logitech G203 Prodigy – it has some awesome features that some of the most expensive mice just don’t have. It’s an awesome mouse, especially for the price. We have ensured that our guide is effective and comprehensive. The guide will help you discover the top gaming mice under $20 that will help you improve your performance on a budget. You know that a quality mouse is a must-have for a competitive edge. We hope you’ve found the answer you were looking for!

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