8 Best Gaming Mouse With Pinky Rest – Buying Guide of 2022 & 2023

If you are looking for the best gaming mouse for Pinky rest finger. You’re in the right place. Here, We will be talking about the different features and characteristics of the top collection of our 8 best gaming mouse that comes with pinky rest support. So, let’s start with the definition of Gaming Mice:

Definition Of Gaming Mouse:

Mouse designed particularly for eSport gaming. Gaming mice have adjustable sensitivity. Which is able to be configured based on your personal preferences as the number of dots per inch in short form also known as (DPI). In general, a higher level of DPI (1000 DPI and more) is used for gaming purposes for monitors with very high resolutions.

Best Gaming Mouse with Pinky Rest
Black Color Gaming Mouse

The Best Gaming Mouse With Pinky Rest Support

  1. Logitech G502 HERO
  2. Razer Basilisk X
  3. Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
  4. Logitech G600 MMO Mouse
  5. Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED
  6. Corsair Harpoon Mice
  7. Razer Naga Pro with Pinky Rest
  8. SteelSeries Rival 600

1. Logitech G502 HERO Best Gaming Mouse With Pinky Rest

Logitech G502 Hero Wired Mouse
Logitech G502 Hero Wired Mouse

One of the best and most reliable mice for gaming is the Logitech G502 HERO. It is a wired mouse and you can use it with either hand. But it’s more comfortable when used by a right-handed person as opposed to a left-handed. The weight of the mouse can be adjusted by removing or adding one of five removable weights. Which makes it so that you can redistribute them in whichever manner works best for you.

It’s rather large, and people with small hands may have a hard time reaching all the buttons. The scroll wheel unlocks for free scrolling, and it also tilts left and right for horizontal scrolling. Which are rare features on a gaming mouse.

The Logitech G502 Pinky rest HERO is a may that’s suited for FPS games. The mouse feels solid and comfortable to use thanks to its grippy body and right-handed shape with a thumb rest. Which also has a sniper button built into it. It has very low click latency and a wide customizable CPI range. Unfortunately, due to its large size. It may not be the best option for people with small hands.

Although many hardcore gamers prefer Logitech mice. The G502 HERO is an exception. The mouse feels too heavy for people with small hands to comfortably grip. But its design is great. It has very low latency.

The Logitech G502 is a great mouse for office use. It has a right-handed, ergonomic design with a thumb rest. So it’s comfortable to use for long days at the office. Users can switch to the free-scrolling mode by pressing a button behind the scroll wheel to navigate long documents more easily. The scroll wheel also has L/R tilts for horizontal navigation. Its companion software gives you plenty of customization options. The mouse can be programmed with nearly all of its buttons.

The Logitech G502 HERO’s aggressive gaming design comes with sharp angles, RGB lighting, and a removable scroll wheel. The two RGB zones are located in the logo and on the left side for CPI indication.

Pros and Cons

  • Good Built
  • 25K DPI
  • RGB Lighting
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • Compatible With All Devices
  • Great Option For Gaming
  • Value For Money
  • Only Wired
  • Not Waterproof

2. Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Gaming Mouse With Pinky Rest

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Gaming Mouse
Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed

The Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed is a fairly well-rounded mouse that’s versatile enough for many uses. This wireless-only mouse looks and feels very similar to the much more expensive Razer Basilisk Ultimate mouse. Just without RGB lighting or charging via USB. Instead, it has an AA battery that can last up to 24 hours of tedious gaming time.

In addition to keeping things extremely lightweight. This also helps make sure there isn’t a cord dangling down. Making it useful at even very intense gaming occasions. However, one downside is that. This mouse is lacking some quality control as there are reports from people who could’ve sworn it used to be stable. But unfortunately, now their CPI button doesn’t work. Still, though, this is still an incredibly well-priced wired/wireless mouse for casual gamers with designs on eSports too.

The Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is perfect if you tend to enjoy QHD or UHD resolution gaming on your desktop PC. It is a rather large and heavy mouse due to the fact that. It uses a AA battery and can be hard for some users to wield.

Thankfully, it has an excellent latency when used either wired with its USB receiver or wirelessly via Bluetooth. While its DPI range may be adjustable. It does come with a fairly high DPI variation which may turn some gamers off from using this mouse and might want to try out other models instead. One great positive about this mouse is that it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of grip style as long as they possess a normal hand size.

The Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed mouse is a great peripheral for MMOs. Because it allows you to customize almost any button. Not only that. But the shape of the mouse itself fits well in any hand size even for small hands. The only thing stopping this mouse from becoming perfect is the inability to store macros directly onto the hardware.

If you’re a fan of ultra-lightweight mice. The Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is not really your cup of tea. It’s heavier than normal and should be avoided. If that’s your thing.

One of the greatest features of Razer’s Basilisk X Hyperspeed is that it can be used as a wireless mouse. This means you won’t need to carry around a cable. You won’t have to worry about any kinks in the cord catching on your bag ruining its shape or damaging your mouse in transit. This feature also alleviates most concerns about not having access to a USB slot when trying to use this mouse with your laptop on the go. Just make sure you have some AA batteries for it.

The “Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed” is a mouse that is effective for use in the workplace. It has the look and feel of typical gaming peripheral. But it works well with regular desktop operating systems rather than only being suited for games. This will make it familiar to other office workers and strike a chord with those who long for something more comfortable to grasp in their off-hours besides. Just hovering their hands over a keyboard all day.

Pros and Cons

  • Long Battery Life
  • Good For Gaming
  • Value For Money
  • Premium and well-built design
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Bluetooth Gaming Mouse
  • Not Waterproof
  • Not RGB Lighting

3. Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT Gaming Mouse With Pinky Rest

Best White Bluetooth Mouse with Pinky Rest
Logitech G PRO X Superlight Mice

The Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT is an excellent gaming mouse that can be used for office use as well. Even though it doesn’t have a honeycomb design. It’s still among the lightest mice we’ve ever tested. Which is especially impressive considering it’s wireless. It offers amazing performance whether used wired or wirelessly, with a very low click latency and a high polling rate, and its CPI can be customized precisely by increments of 50.

Coupled with its CPI customization capacity of 50 DPI increments. This makes the mouse usable for all sizes, hands, and grip types so long as you don’t have small fingers in which case. Its side buttons may feel hard to reach if your grip tends to prioritize fingertip orientation over palm orientation. On top of everything else, the easy-to-reach CPI switch button mentioned already allows you to easily change your chosen settings on the fly.

The “Logitech PRO X SUPERLIGHT” is excellent for FPS gaming. Packing their SUPREME MX mouse on a superlight thin profile. This wireless mouse has an amazing response time and is incredibly fast. Even when running at a very high polling rate. While they might not have a honeycomb design. The tight surface area of these mouse skates delivers great surface control that is suitable for any grip type (depending on preference).

The Logitech PRO X SUPERLIGHT is an excellent choice for MMO gamers. It’s suitable for all hand sizes and grip types. It has great build quality. You can adjust the CPI precisely by stepping incrementally in 50 CPI increments. Which is incredibly helpful. While there aren’t as many buttons as dedicated MMO mice. You can still remap them in the software.

The Logitech PRO X SUPERLIGHT is an excellent ultra-light gaming mouse. While not having a honeycomb design. It is still amazingly light. Making it among the lightest wireless mice we’ve ever tested. The PTFE feet glide exceptionally well. If you swap out the standard plastic aperture cover with the included aperture door with a PTFE foot it should glide even better.

The Logitech PRO X SUPERLIGHT is extremely good for travel. Thanks to its slim design and lightweight. You shouldn’t have much issue taking it with you wherever you go. It also has excellent build quality and a place where you can store the USB receiver. When not in use.

A well-built gaming mouse like the Logitech White Color PRO X SUPERLIGHT Mice is the right choice for gamers. It’s a great entry-level mouse with an affordable price tag. But that doesn’t mean it lacks in any features. On the contrary. Because of its smooth design. This gaming mouse will work perfectly with almost any hand size. Its tactile buttons make it easy to use no matter what type of grip you might find yourself using while playing games. Since all of its buttons can be customized in your preferred software.

Pros and Cons

  • Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • 5 Programmable Buttons
  • Long Battery Life
  • Value For Money
  • Compatible With All Devices
  • Good Built
  • No Bluetooth support
  • Not Waterproof

4. Logitech G600 MMO – High Precision Gaming Mouse With Pinky Rest

Best MMO Mouse with Rest Support
Logitech G600

The Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse has a unique design intended for MMO gamers looking to optimize their performance as much as possible. It has 12 buttons built directly into its left side. Which is fairly common with this style of the mouse. But it also features an additional button right on top of the mouse under your ring finger. Which triggers a new set of commands and shortcuts the moment you press the top button. This extra click essentially gives you even more customization options and increased flexibility during gameplay. However, this widens the overall shape of the mouse quite a bit. People who have smaller hands may find this to be uncomfortable and are thus better off avoiding it altogether as they might accidentally press that third-click trigger. The performance of this customizable mouse is excellent nonetheless. As is its build quality.

This is a decent quality item. It’s manufactured of fine materials and the performance is amazing. Although It weighs a little more than we would have liked. It has better performance overall than most other items in its category. We weren’t particularly fond of the fact that this product isn’t suitable for fingertips. Your best option would be to choose between using this mouse with either a claw grip or a double-handed grip. If you have small to average-sized hands. Because it could become too wide for smaller hands after extended use.

In MMO games, side panels are often useful for storing extra items or skills that you might need to keep near at hand. Owning this many buttons means you’ll have less moving around and pausing. Which can be vital when there are so many items in the game.

If your hands are smaller than average. This could be a problem as it will be hard to press all of them in rapid succession. It’s best to use this with a claw grip instead of a fingertip grip. If you plan on pushing all the buttons regularly.

Due to its large body. This mouse isn’t the most portable. Also, the fact it doesn’t run on a battery and needs to be plugged in all of the time might limit its flexibility. Not being able to travel with a mouse will not be ideal for those who like spontaneity.

The mouse is good for the office. It’s ambidextrous and has a rubber grip handle. The only drawback is that it is large. Which might be a problem. If you’re on a small desktop. It also has a very strong wireless signal. Which is great for people who move around during their workday.

Pros and Cons

  • 20 Programmable Buttons
  • Great For Gaming
  • Very well-built design
  • Value For Money
  • RGB Backlit
  • Unsuitable for small hands or fingertip grip
  • Only Wired

5. Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED – Best Ergonomic Mouse With Pinky Rest

Best Logitech Mouse with Pinky Support
Logitech G604

The Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED is quite versatile and performs well for a wide range of uses. Designed for use in gaming. The Logitech G604’s latency is low when paired with its receiver or Bluetooth. All-around stellar performance makes this an excellent choice for anyone with an interest in gaming, without sacrificing functionality. Great for those with small hands. But it may be too long for some users as well.

The Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED is decent for all types of gaming. While the latency is low. It’s still a little heavy. It also doesn’t work. So well with someone who has a fingertip grip. You may want to try changing your grip type or get an ambidextrous mouse because this one isn’t recommended for your personal use. On the upside. It’s really comfortable. Its performance is excellent.

The Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED is amazing for MMO games. This mouse has plenty of programmable buttons. You can also set a G-shift button that triggers another set of commands if held down. Giving you even more options. Its performance is also amazing. But unfortunately, its body is a bit long making it hard to use with a fingertip grip. If your hands are small.

The G604 was made to be compatible with multiple platforms, including Windows and Mac laptops. Even if they’re not always easy to take place. The Logitech G604 can last up to 50 days on only one AA battery. Its nano-receiver can be stored inside the mouse. Making it much easier for users to take around with them wherever they might need it. With how convenient it is and all of the features it comes with (even on a single AA battery). Travelling has never been easier.

The Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED is an excellent mouse for office use. This mouse feels very comfortable. Especially when using a palm grip. However, people with smaller hands might have trouble reaching all the buttons due to their long shape. On the upside. It has plenty of programmable hotkeys. You can even unlock the wheel for infinite scrolling. Which is very useful in long documents.

Pros and Cons

  • 15 Programmable Controls
  • Long Battery Life
  • Value For Money
  • Good Built
  • Dual Wireless Connectivity Mode
  • Fast Scroll Wheel
  • Not recommended for small hands with any grip type
  • Not Waterproof

6. Corsair Harpoon for Gaming – Best Wireless Mouse with Pinky Rest

Best Corsair Harppon Mouse
Corsair Harpoon

The Corsair HARPOON Wireless is an incredibly useful gaming mouse for those people who are looking for mice with pinky rest support. Its small yet versatile design makes it a great choice for people. They often need to bring their mouse with them when traveling or at home. When used either with its USB receiver plugged into the computer via a USB port, or using Bluetooth to wirelessly connect. The response time is very low and that’s great. Because it’s so small. Most hands can use this mouse comfortably whether using it for claw or palm grip. But users with smaller hands may find that reaching buttons in the upper corner of the mouse may be difficult. If they are not able to adjust. How they’re holding it.

The Corsair HARPOON Wireless is trusted. The reliable mouse can be used either wireless or wired. It will work with pretty much any FPS game. It’s incredibly easy to change the settings thanks to Corsair’s iCUE software. The mouse is quite lightweight and it has two extra side buttons that make gameplay much easier for FPS games. This particular mouse comes with a hardware configurator for adjustments and two additional DPI presets for different speeds.

The Corsair HARPOON Gaming Mouse is a great choice for gamers. While it doesn’t have as many programmable buttons as a dedicated gaming mouse. It allows the user to program each button on the mouse to either lock on or disable pointer acceleration. The mouse is suitable for any hand size. Even small hands will be able to reach the side buttons with their fingertips.

The Corsair HARPOON Wireless is a great mouse for travel thanks to its compact size and wireless design that can be used via Bluetooth without the need for any dongles or USB receivers. If your laptop is Bluetooth-enabled. It feels durable enough to handle being tossed into a laptop case and is comfortable for all hand sizes when using a claw grip.

The Corsair HARPOON RGB Wireless gaming mouse is comfortable and interactively fun to use. Making it a joy to work with whether you’re currently docked at the office or completing some assignments at home. Whether you’ve got your hands in a claw-like position or finger-only pointing. This mouse is designed with hand gamers in mind. Boasting a metal body. This wireless beauty sports 8 programmable buttons and a feature set that allows one to control game volume, launch game profiles, and perform other actions all without lifting anything. But your fingers are off of your keyboard.

Pros and Cons

  • Portable & fairly lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Long Battery Life
  • Good Built
  • RGB Lighting
  • Not the most comfortable

7. Razer Naga Pro Gaming Mouse With Pinky Rest

Best Razer mouse
Razer Naga Pro

The Razer Naga Pro is a wireless mouse designed specifically for MMO players. It comes with different side panels with varying button and scroll wheel options. All of the buttons can be customized. Including the scroll wheel’s up/down and left/right inputs.

The mouse has a high wireless frequency response and is comfortable to use because of its soft touch material texture. The sensor functions just as well on more rigid surfaces as it does on softer ones. So you’re totally covered there.

If you’re looking for a gaming mouse with amazing precision and a wide range of functions. The Razer Naga Pro is the right product for you. With its 900 cpi sensor. It will track movement precisely. You can use it to browse the internet, play games, write documents, watch movies or do whatever else you’d like.

The Razer Naga Pro is ideal for MMO gaming as it features a 12-button side panel. There are tons of programmable inputs available. It’s well-constructed and comfortable to use regardless of hand size with a palm or claw grip. The click latency is remarkably low. The wide CPI range has users covered in the speed. They’ll need it while gaming.

The Razer Naga Pro gaming mouse isn’t for you. If you want to play a game with low sensitivity and your hand needs to move really fast. Even though it comes in handy for some heavy hand-movement games. The mouse simply lacks good design. Because of its heftiness. The tactile feedback is okay. But not amazing. There’s no customization on comfort. The feet glide well though.

The Razer Naga Pro is great for travel. It’s on the bulkier side. But it has a slot to store the USB receiver and fit nicely into your bag. It can connect to your computer via Bluetooth. Even though there isn’t any soft plastic grip on the sides. You won’t have any trouble holding onto it. This mouse comfortably and securely during gaming sessions due to its three-level adjustable side grips.

Pros and Cons

  • Chroma RGB Lighting
  • Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Good Built
  • Very comfortable
  • Long Battery Life
  • Bit Expensive

8. SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse With Pinky Support Rest

Best Mouse with Pinky Rest
SteelSeries Rival 600

The SteelSeries Rival 600 is a great mouse for gaming. This wireless mouse is part of the Sensei wireless line. It’s the successor to the Rival 300. It has an excellent ergonomic design. Its weight can be customized based on your preferences. This mouse features excellent and reliable performance. But one thing we should note is that it may not be suitable for small hands. As they may have a hard time reaching some of the buttons on this mouse.

This is a great mouse ideal for use with first-person shooter video games. Although it has excellent overall performance. You might find it a bit heavy. It has very low latency and exceptional ergonomics. So you can customize it to your liking. However, it’s not the most comfortable if you have small hands.

The SteelSeries Rival 600 is an excellent gaming mouse that is perfect for MMO video gameplay. The mouse’s design and buttons are versatile. Which can be customized to your liking. One downside of this product though, is that if you have small hands. It will be difficult to reach the buttons on this mouse.

This mouse is pretty heavy because of its weight management feature. Which makes it possible to make the mouse only lighter by removing all the weights. But then you’d be left with a virtual light gaming mouse that’s nowhere near as durable.

The SteelSeries Rival 600 gaming mouse is a great choice for office environments and pinky rest support. It has an excellent build quality and many customization options but isn’t wireless due to its design. If that doesn’t bother you. The SteelSeries Rival 600 might be worth an investment because it’s great for office use as it comes with excellent ergonomics for both left and right-handed users. However, if you’re looking for something more suitable if you have small hands. This mouse probably won’t be a good fit for you.

Pros and Cons

  • RGB Lighting
  • Great For Gaming
  • Outstanding Ergonomics
  • Excellent Performance
  • Good Built
  • Bit Expensive
  • Only Wired

After Buying Best Gaming Mouse With Pinky Rest

Gamers rely on their mice to help improve their performance. While they’re gaming and ensure their speed is second to none. Gamers can use a regular mouse in order to play their games. But it will never be the same as when you’re using the best gaming mouse for the job. There are unique features about a gaming mouse that really set them apart from your standard everyday office mice.

For instance, a gaming mouse has improved software to customize settings and can usually support faster DPI and CPI compared to a regular mouse. A few features of a gaming mouse include:


The more weight a gaming mouse has to it. The longer you can enjoy being an in-game champion. A solid extra ounce can make all of the difference in how much time you’re willing to invest into your play station or computer on a daily basis.

Professional gamers should consider adding or removing weights from their mice based on personal preferences. Because everyone is different. Therefore certain weights may be uncomfortable for one gamer but not another.


When shopping for a gaming mouse. Take into account whether the lights on the base of the mouse are distracting or not. Moreover, consider how easily you’re able to customize buttons. Your software to meet your exact preferences concerning what you like to have with every button press.


Gaming mice generally fall into three price categories: Anything less than $50, between $50 and $100, and more than $100. Just as you shouldn’t expect a top-of-the-line experience for $20. You shouldn’t expect a clunker for $80 either. The actual MSRP of gaming mice varies depending on the manufacturer and retailer. Usually, the lower down the price ladder you go. The worse your quality of mouse will be. But if you choose your retailer wisely you can still find good deals on dependable quality mice. Even if they aren’t brand new. Still, here are some guidelines to help make buying a gaming mouse a bit easier:

Under 50$:

In this price range, you’re looking for budget gaming mice. Unfortunately many first- or second-tier companies rely on the least of their resources to churn out products like this. At times we come across surprises like the Turtle Beach Grip 300 ($40, on Amazon). These are decent enough in an average sense. Yet won’t last as long as more expensive mice with more features and fewer compromises. In most cases, they also look rather rudimentary and aesthetically unpleasing.

Under $50 & $100:

For those of you who are looking to get a little more serious with your hobby. But not wanting to break the bank. This is the sweet spot for gaming mice, and some brands that frequently pop up in our research are Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries, Roccat, and Corsair.

Mice between $50 and $100 often have ergonomic designs, excellent sensors, robust software, and proficiency across multiple genres. Unless you are strapped for cash or dying for hardcore customization options (you know who you are). This is what we recommend spending on.

More than $100:

If you want to drop more than $100. You’re probably looking for a mouse that’s customizable in some way. The Razer Ouroboros lets users swap out elements like palm rests, scroll wheels, and even thumb buttons. Tournament gamers who regularly compete might find this feature especially handy. As it allows them to adjust the parts of their mouse to fit comfortably during a certain tournament or gaming session in order to be at the top of their game.

Optical Sensors VS Laser Sensors:

To some people. The laser vs optical sensor debate will never end. But I can say confidently that for everyday players. Both laser and optical sensors work just fine. Especially if the mouse allows surface tuning (calibrating the peripheral to work perfectly on various mouse pads, office desks, sheets of paper, etc.). If you have a multi-monitor setup. You might want to look into a mouse with a ridiculously high DPI — 8,000 or more. Otherwise, any mouse that offers DPI between 200 and 2,600. So it should provide way more options than the average player needs.

Mouse Connectivity:

Finally, it’s important to consider how your peripherals are connected to your computer. Whether you have a preference for a specific type of wired or wireless setup. You’ll want to know if your gaming mouse or controller is compatible with SteamOS. If they can be hardwired into your machine. So that they don’t need their own USB ports on your PC. This is one thing that can often help people decide between purchasing the wired or wireless version of the same product. Such as headsets or controllers.


How many buttons should I have on my mouse?

There’s no scientific formula for determining. How many buttons you would ultimately assign to your mouse. But typically MMO/MOBAs and strategy titles typically require more hotkeys whereas FPS games will only need two or three hotkeys.

What is the most optimal DPI setting?

Everyone plays in different sensitivity settings based on their own personal preference. But it doesn’t take too long to adjust the DPI setting and in-game sensitivity of your mouse to match up. Mice with a sniper button are nice. So you can switch between two specific DPI settings on the fly.

What are the best features that mouse software should have?

There is software for the mouse. You can find it by searching the mouse + driver software on Google. As for what should be included in the software. I recommend having programmable button mapping, DPI customization, polling rate adjustment, and multiple profiles to choose from for different games.

What is the #1 Fastest gaming mouse?

Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed is a top choice if you want comfort, fast gaming, long battery life, and the best selection and arrangement of buttons. But for a different kind of design, or to prioritize other features. Here are five alternatives in the above collections.

Which mouse do pro gamers use?

The competition can get rough when it comes to FPS eSport gamers. Some players utilize the Zowie FK series, the Logitech G502, SteelSeries Sensei, and the Razer Deathadder. All of which are used by many pro gamers each.


A gaming mouse is an essential tool for every gamer. If you play games on a gaming computer. Then you will surely need one. If you want to find the best gaming mouse with a pinky rest. Then you are in the right place. We will be talking about the different features and characteristics of the top-rated and Best Gaming Mice with a Pinky Rest furthermore in our upcoming articles.

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