Is a Laptop Considered a PC or a Desktop? [Updated 2023]

Is a Laptop Considered a PC or Desktop?

Laptops and desktops are two very different things. Laptops can be very useful in a number of ways, such as when you’re on the road and need a portable computer, or when you don’t have access to a computer at home. But laptop computers and desktops aren’t the same, and … Read more

How Does a Smart Speaker Work? [Massive Guide]

How Does a Smart Speaker Work?

A smart speaker is a speaker that is connected to the internet and is connected to a database that can allow the speaker to provide information back to the user. Smart speakers are able to answer questions, they can give feeds, can tell you the time, can control smart devices … Read more

10+ Benefits of Laptops for Students in 2023

Benefits of Laptops for Students

In today’s high-speed, technology-driven world, communication is key for this global village. In order to meet the demand for quick and easy communication, every student needs at least a laptop. A laptop enables students to work on projects without having to rely solely on the availability of a computer, which … Read more

How to connect Epson Projector to laptop via wireless in 2023

Connect an epson projector to the laptop

How to connect Epson projector to laptop via wireless, that’s the question of those who have an Epson brand projector. The Epson manufacturers are one of the best manufacturers of printers, scanners, projectors, electronics gadgets & gaming consoles. Well! In this article, we will cover the specific topic that’s about … Read more

The 8 Best Mechanical Keyboards with Media Keys – Buying Guide

Best Mechanical Keyboards with Media Keys

When you’re building your own PC (Personal Computer), one of the most important computer consoles is choosing a mechanical keyboard. You can find a lot of keyboards that have dedicated media keys. But these keys are often sold as separate accessories. So we’ve done some research and found the 10 … Read more

What is a Planck Keyboard & How Many Keys Does It Have?

What is a planck Keyboard

The Planck is a 40% keyboard that is popular with the developer and keyboard enthusiast communities. It has a unique layout that comes with a lot of customization options. This blog looks at the key features, layout, and customization options of the Planck keyboard. Have you ever tried using a … Read more

Is a Computer Keyboard Chiral or Achiral? Massive Guide

Is a Computer Keyboard Chiral or Achiral

The letters on your computer keyboard are laid out in a specific pattern known as the QWERTY layout. Which was created over 130 years ago to reduce the time. It took to type on these early devices and help reduce repetitive strain injuries caused by the frequent use of typewriters. While the … Read more

What is the most important key on the keyboard?

What is the most important key on the keyboard?

The keyboard has so many keys, each serving its purpose. Whether it’s to capitalize the next letter in your sentence or insert a special character into your document. However, there’s one key that serves an important function that you might not realize until it’s missing ‘the spacebar’. The spacebar doesn’t … Read more