How to Clean a Honeycomb Mouse and its Holes

Is your honeycomb mouse dirty? And you do not know how to clean it? You do not have money to take it to the market? Well, you do not need to worry anymore. As we have got you covered.

In this article, we have mentioned some simple steps that will help you to clean your honeycomb mouse at home with the simplest tools.

Honeycomb mouse is fun when it comes to gaming, but taking care of it is something that we often neglect. This causes us big trouble when the mouse stops working properly. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper care of the mouse.

How to Clean a Honeycomb Mouse and its Holes
White Honeycomb Gaming Mouse with black honeycomb wallpaper

We hope you find our article helpful and clean your mouse holes. Happy reading! And don’t forget to read furthermore information that’s about mice and the white mouse cleaning process.

What is a Honeycomb Mouse?

A honeycomb mouse has holes on its top, giving it a honeycomb shell structure. These holes are there to make the mouse breathable. To enhance the gaming experience, gamers from all over the world are now switching to honeycomb mice. So, without wasting more time, let’s come to the point and start the cleaning process from your computer power supply.

Turn off the power supply

Before cleaning the mouse, you will need to make sure that you turn off the power supply. Chances are there that you might get an electric shock if you clean the mouse with the power supply.

What Materials do we need?

Below we have listed the materials that will be needed to clean a mouse with holes in them.

  • Clean microfiber cloth.
  • Compressed Air.
  • Cotton bud/ Q-tip.
  • Isopropyl solution.
  • Soft bristle brush.
  • Thin plastic tool.

Process of cleaning a honeycomb mouse step by step

Below we have mentioned a stepwise process of cleaning a honeycomb mouse.

Step No 1: Cleaning the exterior

To clean the exterior of the honeycomb mouse, you will need to have a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away the accumulated dirt. Damp the cloth slightly in water. Do not make the whole cloth wet as it will damage the mouse.

Step No 2: Cleaning the interior

After cleaning the exterior you will notice that the mouse still has a lot of dust and dirt accumulated inside of it that can be seen through the holes. There are three methods to get rid of that dirt. And these three methods are mentioned below, for more information, you can watch our video at the end of our article.

Compressed air

One is to use compressed air that you can blow inside the mouse. Simply release the air inside of the mouse. It will help to blow out the dirt.

Soft bristle brush

The second method is to use a soft bristle brush. Just simply start brushing the honeycomb mouse with the brush. It will help you to extract most of the dirt from the mouse. Make sure you properly brush the mouse.

Dissemble the mouse

The last method is to use a thin plastic tool. For this, you will need to pop out the top of the mouse. Simply insert the thin plastic tool on the right side of the mouse and slowly move it towards the left side. It will help to pop out the top of the mouse.

After removing the top of the mouse now dip a Q-tip cloth or a cotton bud and dip it in an isopropyl solution. Start by cleaning the interior of the mouse with it. Gently clean and wipe away all the dirt. Make sure you reach the small spots and areas that have gunk and grime attached to them.

You can also use a Q-tip to clean the comb of the mouse from inside to get rid of the dirt and gunk lying over there.

Step no 4: Re-assemble the mouse

The last step is to re-assemble the mouse. Make sure the mouse is dried with no layer of solution left. If you reassemble it even if it has 1% wetness, that will give long-lasting damage to your mouse. The mouse is expensive and will cost you some money when you will repair it.

Attach the top of the mouse with the body at four points. Be very gentle.


Buying a honeycomb mouse can be an investment. You will need to save some money before buying one. To make the mouse last for 2-3 years, you will need to take the following precautions.

Use clean hands when you are using the mouse.

Do not eat or drink on the computer table or when you are using the mouse as you might spill some on it. The liquid will go inside the mouse and might damage it.

Make sure that you periodically clean the mouse for example once every week or at least once a month.

Keep your mouse table and computer desk clean.

Video of Cleaning Process of Glorious Model O Mouse


Why are honeycomb mouses good?

In the last few years, the honeycomb style is the booming amount pro gamers, because of its lightweight, affordable price, and functionality. We know that the cleaning process of holes is a bit difficult task but these holes make your mouse more lightweight and lightest that helping the gamers to move it quickly and faster because of its lightweight. The best model we tested in the market is the Glorious Model O and D.

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