How to connect Epson Projector to laptop via wireless in 2023

How to connect Epson projector to laptop via wireless, that’s the question of those who have an Epson brand projector. The Epson manufacturers are one of the best manufacturers of printers, scanners, projectors, electronics gadgets & gaming consoles. Well! In this article, we will cover the specific topic that’s about how to connect an Epson Projector to a laptop via wireless. As we all know that the projector is a device that is used to produce images, presentations, and videos on a screen by projecting controlled light onto the screen. The devices use lenses, mirrors, and prisms to display the images.
We are all aware of the fact that a projector is a device that is used to display images on a screen. In the present era, projectors are widely used in almost all spheres of life.

It has been estimated that more than 60 percent of the total corporate presentations are delivered through the Epson projectors which is a rather high figure considering more than 60 percent of the companies don’t have professional presentation experts who can take care of their presentation needs. Epson projectors are very much in demand among small business organizations, educational institutions, and other such corporate entities.

Connect an epson projector to the laptop

In this day and age, you can find various kinds of projectors, especially from Epson. Nowadays, projectors are used not just in educational institutions, but also incorporate events, parties, and other private events. Epson projectors are becoming very popular in the market because of their features and the quality of the image displayed in the projection. Now, let’s start the wireless connectivity process of the Epson projector.

How to connect an Epson projector to the laptop?

Steps in connecting a laptop to a projector vie wireless have been described below. Safely clean your laptop and projects and set up both first. Now you have to follow these five steps to complete the process.

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is consider connecting the wireless LAN module to the USB A port on the projector.

Step 2

The second step you will perform on your laptops is to select your laptop’s wireless network and select your Epson projector in the wireless network to connect area.

Step 3

In step three while the set-up up your projector, you need to download the software named Easy MP network projection. After downloading follow these steps to begin using this feature.

Step 4

After installing the app you need to choose the quick connection mode and then press enter.

Step 5

Now select the Epson projector name/model before you connect it. It is because maybe there is more than one projector available in your room. This is the last step, and after connect button, your projector screen will be on your laptop clearly.


How do I get my laptop to recognize my Epson projector?

Press the CTRL key and the Windows logo key along with P on your computer keyboard to display a window that allows you to display content on your desktop.

How do I get my Epson projector to display my computer screen?

Press the function key and the monitor icon key on the laptop at the same time. This should make an image appear on your laptop screen and also on your office projector. If it takes a little while to come up, press these keys again.

Here is the suggestion for the short throw projectors under $100 and if you are looking for some more good quality projectors for high-resolution results, you can go for the 1080p projectors that you can easily achieve under the budget of $400.


A projector is usually used when you need to display a computer screen on a large display such as a whiteboard. There are different kinds of projectors and they come in various sizes. If your technology is working without any interference, then chances are that there won’t be any problem with the projector either unless something causes it to damage or break down. Projectors are commonly dependent on laptop connection via LAN cables so it’s important not to misplace them or risk breaking them because that would leave you no choice but to purchase another one for future use.

There are many business conferences that require the use of a laptop and projector to share PowerPoint presentations or other documents. However, you need to connect the two devices to create this functionality.

Playing a presentation via the projector is not too difficult. However, if the laptop fails to make a wireless connection with it, there will be no alternative for it. Also, the LAN is particularly small and can be lost. In case one loses it or damages it, there will be no way to display files through LAN. So especially when you work in public places, we recommend taking extra precautions with your projector’s Wi-Fi adapter so as to limit the risks of damage or theft.

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