Is a Computer Keyboard Chiral or Achiral? Massive Guide

The letters on your computer keyboard are laid out in a specific pattern known as the QWERTY layout. Which was created over 130 years ago to reduce the time. It took to type on these early devices and help reduce repetitive strain injuries caused by the frequent use of typewriters. While the QWERTY layout helped reduce typing errors. 

The way that these letters are laid out may also have an interesting property. They’re either chiral or achiral depending on whether you’re looking at them from above or below. In this article, we’ll explore whether is a computer keyboard Chiral or Achiral. So, let’s start from chiral objects;

Is a Computer Keyboard Chiral or Achiral
Chiral vs. Achiral Keyboards

What is Chiral?

A chiral object is a physical object that cannot be superimposed on its mirror image. For example, your hands are chiral since you cannot place them one on top of the other and have them perfectly superimposed. It’s a subtle difference but an important one when it comes to living things. 

A chirality occurs in nature because some elements rotate light in one direction. while others do so in the opposite direction. This means that our eyes see different versions of each image we see. which is why you might have heard of someone wearing a pair of right-handed and left-handed polarized sunglasses.

What if your computer keyboard was chiral?

Well, it means that it cannot be superimposed onto its mirror image. The most common example of chirality is your hands. If you look closely at your palms. You’ll notice that they’re not identical to each other. One is slightly different from its opposite. This is because humans are chiral organisms. Another example of chirality is DNA molecules

Why is it useful to know if your computer keyboard is chiral?

A researcher, David Jones from the University of Oklahoma, and his team have made an amazing discovery. They discovered that every single computer keyboard has some kind of asymmetry. They discovered that any configuration of alphabetic keys on a standard computer keyboard can be drawn in two ways with only two letters changing their position between drawings. 

The asymmetry comes when you arrange those letters on either side of Q and Z. But what if your computer keyboard was chiral? Well, it would mean that your keyboard had no configuration like that.

How does an achiral object become chiral anyway?

When we say achiral, we mean that an object doesn’t have a mirror image. it can’t be superimposed on its reflection. Many of us are taught to test if something is chiral by trying to turn it upside down in our hands and making sure we get it right.

Example – 1

For example, your hands should be left over right and up over down. It’s all about symmetry. Remember that for an object to look identical after reflection. You only need one axis of symmetry. Two axes are required for superimposition. If you have three axes of symmetry, then you have chirality.

Example – 2

For example, if you take a line segment and rotate it 180 degrees around its center point. It looks exactly like itself (i.e., it is chiral). This can be done with any line segment. it doesn’t matter how long or short they are. A circle is also chiral because when you rotate it by 180 degrees around its center point (the center). it looks exactly like itself.

Are keyboard manufacturers oblivious to this issue?

A chiral molecule can be superimposed on its mirror image to produce a likeness, just like one of your hands can be superimposed over your other hand (your right hand can be placed over your left, but not vice versa). If you look at your keyboard, it will appear to have some sort of spiral pattern. If you take another look at that spiral pattern upside down in front of a mirror, it will appear to match. 

Although we believe they are symmetrical due to their circular nature. Our world and everything in it is chiral including computer keyboards. As with our hands, two instances of every letter on a keyboard cannot be superimposed and are therefore considered chiral molecules.

Advantages of Chiral

  • In mathematics, chirality is an imaginary concept that’s loosely based on real-world objects. 
  • As a general rule, an object’s chirality is determined by how its symmetry relates to its mirror image. The traditional number 4 has no mirror image and thus is not chiral. 
  • Whereas in architecture you’ll find most right-handed desks have their legs arranged in a symmetrical L shape with 4 legs on one side and 3 on another. 
  • Similarly, computer keyboards are designed using chirality to assist typing efficiency. 
  • Most computer keyboards are designed with alternating shapes. 
  • Depending on if they are produced by left-handed or right-handed users. 
  • This ensures optimal ergonomics by matching each key position to maximize comfort and increase typing speed while minimizing finger movement.

Disadvantages of Chiral

  • Chirality is an attribute of figures that are not identical to their mirror image.
  • For example, while right and left hands are mirror images of each other, they are not identical to each other.

What is Achiral?

Achiral is defined as having no chirality, which refers to an object that cannot be superimposed on its mirror image. In other words, it’s symmetrical and indistinguishable from its reverse image. More generally, chirality is any handedness that doesn’t have to do with human hands. 

A right shoe and a left shoe are said to be enantiomorphs of each other. they’re not superimposable upon one another because of their right/left orientation. Similarly, our computer keyboards are either right-handed or left-handed. But neither can be superimposed upon their opposite because of their QWERTY layout.

What if your computer keyboard was Achiral?

If you are having issues with your computer keyboard being chiral, there is an easy fix for that. All you need to do is invert your keyboard and flip it 180 degrees on both the x and y-axis. This will make your computer keyboard Achiral again. You can always tell if your keyboard is chiral by taking note of how many keys have been pressed on each side of your keyboard. 

A normal Achiral keyboard has an equal number of key presses on each side while a chiral one will have more keypresses on one side than another. You can also check by looking at which way your keyboard curls when you turn it over. A normal Achiral keyboard will curl up like a letter C while a chiral one will curl down like a letter Z. If you want to keep using that old computer, then don’t even flip it upside down.

Computer Keyboards: Chiral or Achiral?

According to mathematical logic, you are sitting on a chiral object. A chiral object is an object that is non-superposable on its mirror image (hand). Its two halves cannot be swapped around and still preserve their asymmetrical shape. It doesn’t matter how many times you spin it, in a mirror, it will look like what people call left and right hands. 

Well, to make things clear, a computer keyboard is a chiral object. Its two sides (left & right) have specific functions associated with them which if swapped would cause confusion & harm the user experience.

Advantages of Achiral

  • As keyboard keys are designed in such a way that it does not hold any meaning, being Achiral also helps us to make sense of them. 
  • For example, if our keyboard is chiral, then we need to memorize which side each letter/symbol appears on. 
  • But with an Achiral keyboard, no memorization is required as it is all symmetrical and consistent. 
  • This makes sense because we tend to read from left-to-right and top-to-bottom exactly how you would read an Achiral layout.

Disadvantages of Achiral

  • Achiral molecules lack chirality. 
  • These molecules can be superimposed onto their mirror image and are indistinguishable from one another. 
  • Because they do not have a stereocenter. 
  • you cannot classify them as either left-handed or right-handed nor is it possible to determine their optical activity. 
  • Achiral molecules tend to be nonpolar, making them relatively unreactive and fairly safe for humans. Examples of chiral chemicals include glucose, ethanol, and glycerol. 
  • Because they are not optically active. 
  • you cannot tell if they have been mixed with their mirror image and will look the same regardless of which direction you rotate them in front of your eyes.

Achiral Objects vs Chiral Objects Comparison Table

  • Keyboards
  • Phones
  • Gloves
  • Controller
  • Shoes
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Flask
  • Playing Cards
  • Light Bulb


Chirality is the asymmetry of an object that’s mirror image is superimposed. Chirality can increase your knowledge. The computer keyboard can be chiral or non-chiral. A computer keyboard looks right-handed but it can be left-handed and vice versa. Both hands are considered chiral because they appear the same but not identical.

 In conclusion, chirality exists everywhere in different shapes and sizes. Some people may not understand about chirality but it exists in our daily lives like a computer keyboard, cell phone, etc. It is also found in our body parts that have been arranged symmetrically to appear identical but are not. One example is the right hand and left hand. We learned that an object can be chiral even though it appears to be achiral just by inverting an object. Like computer keyboard will make two mirror images that only one of them is identical to the original object.

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