Is a Keyboard an Input or Output device? Massive Answer

The keyboard is an electronic device that allows users to interact with the computer by entering letters, numbers, and other symbols but what we type, we also see on the screen. So here the question arises: Is a Keyboard an Input or Output device? I know you are looking for a Yes or No answer, let’s see:

The short answer is that a keyboard is an input device, but giving a straight answer to this question will not make you understand the concept. If you are new to computers and want to have some knowledge, you first need to know about input devices and output devices.

Is a Keyboard an Input or Output device?
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What are the input devices?

The term input device is used to describe a piece of hardware that allows users to interact with the computer by providing data, information, and control instructions. These instructions are then translated into computing commands. Computers accept raw data, which is then converted into computer-friendly language by the input devices before being analyzed by the central processing unit (CPU).

By definition, an input device is a peripheral device that allows a computer to communicate with its processing units on the basis of user input.

If you don’t know, there is no difference between input devices and input computer units. Both terms refer to similar things but are used differently by different people. They can also be referred to as peripheral or auxiliary devices.

Overall, input devices are actually used to read the user’s input, which can make any decision later. For example, a mouse is used to click on a particular in-screen button to perform a particular action, and a barcode reader is used to read the information from the product’s barcode that will also be input into the computer.

What are the 10 input devices of a Computer?

There are many input computer consoles nowadays available in the market in a variety of quality and prices. But few famous and most commonly used input devices examples are listed below.

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. Scanner
  4. Microphone
  5. Joy Stick
  6. Light Pen
  7. Bar Code Reader
  8. Digital Camera
  9. Wii Remote
  10. Keyer

What are the output devices?

Output devices are referred to as devices that output data from a computer to a user or another device in some manner. An output peripheral receives processed data from a computer and then converts that data into a variety of different formats, such as audio, video, or physical copies.

In contrast to input devices, output devices do not always require a computer to function. However, it is important to note that computer systems without them would have no way of knowing how each piece of data is actually being handled or what is going on within the computer system.

Suppose, after clicking Play on a YouTube video, you switch off the screen, the computer will keep playing the video, and the audio will be played as long as the speakers are on.

Even when no output device is present (monitor, printer), the computer still processes the data required to play the video.

Whenever the computer is prepared to display the processed information to the output device, it sends a signal to that device that it is ready to display the information in the format required, such as audio or video, or print form.

So, overall output devices are used to show the data to the user in different forms. For example, the display screen is used to show softcopy, the printer is used to have a hardcopy, and speakers are used to listen to audio output.

What are the 10 output examples of a Computer?

As with input devices, there are also many output computer gadgets and devices, the output devices are available in much more huge numbers. Here below we listed the 10 best examples of output devices.

  1. Monitor
  2. Printer
  3. Plotter
  4. Screen Projector
  5. Sound Speakers
  6. Computer Headphones
  7. Sound Card
  8. Video Card
  9. GPS Tracking
  10. Speech Synthesizer

Is a Computer Keyboard an Input or Output device?

If you have read the subject of the computer, the keyboard is considered an input device. Because the keyboard is used to give input to the computer and the data that we write shows on the screen at the same time, we think as to whether it is an input device or an output device.

The keyboard serves as an input device, and its data is displayed on the screen so that we can see what we have written.

There are a number of different kinds of keyboards available in the market, depending on the type, grade, and technology they come with. There are several options, such as keyboards with low response times, higher key quality and more durable mechanisms, and a more pleasing visual appeal.

If you want to do gaming, you should buy a gaming keyboard as a gaming keyboard does have special features for gamers, and if you want to learn typing, then you need a typing keyboard that will help you to learn to type better, faster, and easier.


The keyboard is very important for giving and inputting instructions to the computer. Without a keyboard, you cannot give input to the computer correctly and easily, even though you can give input by speaking. Mistakes are often made while speaking, and thus input can be wrong, which may not be fixed later. Also, if you think you can do all the computer work with the mouse, it is also wrong; you can perform all the computer tasks without a mouse, but you can’t do all the work without a keyboard.

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