LiDCAM LC-WF Digital Action Camera Reviews in 2022

I’m sure you’ve seen those videos on YouTube and Facebook of hunters getting some crazy footage from their hunts. The camera they use is called an action cam and it can be attached to a person, gun, or stand. If you are a serious and professional hunter and participate in duck hunting, fish hunting, and deer hunting then you must read these Lidcam reviews and mush watch the lid cam hunting videos.
This action camera is great for hunting because they give you a first-person view of the hunt that makes it seem like you’re actually there! In this blog post, I will review the Lidcam LC-WF hands-free digital camouflage action camera by LiDCAM!
First-person video is really cool but if you’re going to record anything good with your action cam then it’s probably going to require a lot of editing before it’s ready. We also reviewed the lidcam in our preview post of action cameras for duck hunting.

Lidcam Reviews
LiDCAM Plus LC-WF-BZ Hands-Free Hat Mounted Digital Action Camera, 1080P HD Wi-Fi with Full Audio and 1X to 4X Zoom, Black Review

The LC-WF Action Camera is a unique product that allows hunters to capture every moment without having to hold the camera in their hands. It’s designed so it can be attached to an object or worn on your body, ensuring you are always ready for the perfect shot.

This digital camouflage action cam comes with many features and accessories which makes it very useful when hunting. The LiDCAM has many great features that make it stand out from other cameras. Some of these include full HD recording capabilities, water resistance up to 30 feet deep, 12MP image resolution, built-in Wifi connectivity, and rechargeable batteries that last 2 hours while recording video continuously. With this device, hunters will never miss another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity again! Let’s Review the Lidcam and at the end of the post, we’ll have some Lidcam hunting videos that are uploaded by hunters.


Have you ever been on a hunting trip – or an outdoor adventure of any kind – and wished that you had a camera? Now you can have the best of both worlds with LiLiDCAM. This lightweight, hands-free camcorder clips to the bill of your baseball cap, letting you film everything in sight without having to hold it by hand. And when your shot is finished, just click “send” via Wi-Fi from your smartphone or tablet and upload it directly to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To buy this or for more lidcam reviews click on the below image.

You know that LiDCAM is a hands-free, Wi-fi-enabled digital camera for your baseball cap that allows you to capture HD images and video from any angle. The LiLiDCAM+ features a wide-angle lens and an improved image sensor for better clarity on shots. It weighs less than 4 ounces and clips to the bill of any Baseball cap. Great for hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activities you want to film!

1. Price

You know that it’s available in two colors Black and Camouflage, and the prices are a bit different. Both colors are available with a Single Battery for around $110. If you order a 16GB memory card with this order, it will cost a bit more. With Dual batteries, it will cost around $165. The Lidcam camera is also available with two batteries and a 16GB memory card. Now it depends on the user, which items they need.

2. Wi-Fi Connectivity

The second feature in our Lidcam reviews is Wi-Fi Connectivity. The LiDCAM is a camera that allows you to take photos and videos from your smartphone. The wifi connectivity, uploads directly onto our website for easy access on the go!

You can now control all functions of this innovative device with just one touch through an intuitive mobile application available in both Apple iOS and Android formats. Now no complicated manual mode switching is needed anymore.

3. Offers 120° of field view

The new, lightweight wide-angle camera lens is perfect for anyone who wants to take pictures on their phone or DSLR. It’s easy to shoot with and offers an amazing 120-degree field of view without any significant distortion which makes it great at capturing everything in the scene!

4. Dual LED Lights

Built-in dual LED lights and 1x to 4x zoom are features that make the camera stand out. Though it’s not best for shooting in low light, this device can still produce high-quality results with its wide-angle lens when there is enough lighting outside of your home or office space!

5. Lidcam Weight

With a weight of just 4 ounces, Lidcam Digital Camera will make the perfect gift for dad or any other special person in your life. It’s easy to use and can be taken with you when going hunting so that videos are not being recorded only by professional equipment!

6. Battery Life

The battery of this camera lasts up to 3 hours and can be charged with a standard USB port on your computer or laptop.

  • Available in Camouflage and Black Color.
  • Comes with and Extra Battery but it will cost a bit more.
  • Video Capture Resolution 1080p
  • Image Stabilization
  • Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi and USB
  • Image Capture Speed 30fps
  • MP4 Video Format
  • Lightweight and Anti-Shake
  • Lithium-ion with up to 3 hours Record Time
  • Long video will be broken into separate files at just under two gig each.

Lidcam Camera Video Review

Lid Cam vs Tactacam

Comparing the two video hunting cameras both are different in price and usage, totally different. First of all the Lid cam is a clip-on hat camera while the Tactacam is used to fix on the bow or your guns. In other words, we can say that we use the tactacam for Gun Mount and Under Scope Rail Mount. The lid cam series release only one camera till now in the Lidcam series. The price of the lid cam camera is $107 at the time we review it. While the Tactacam is available in many versions and different price ranges, depends on the quality that users use for hunting. If we compare the price of Tactacam vs. Lid Cam the price of Tactacam is too high. The starting price range of the Tactacam gun mount camera is from $120 and some of the updated versions like Tactacam solo is 199 USD, Tactacam 5.0 price is $300 and with the gun package, you can buy it from around $350. The TACTACAM Reveal X Cellular Camera made by VERIZON may be affordable but it’s not recommended for professional hunters. The Lid-Cam is available in two Camouflage and Black colors, whileTactacam is just available in black color. Both are waterproof, you know that hunters always love to have waterproof gadgets.

Lidacm Hunting Videos

First GoPro Bowhunt- Slow Motion Shot
Lidcam video of 3rd deer of the South Carolina archery season

Bottom Line for Lidcam Reviews

The LiDCAM plus, and LC-WF-BZ, is a high-definition action video hunting camera that clips right to the bill of any cap. It’s the hands-free solution for recording your own memories and outdoor experiences! The product turns your smartphone into a wireless remote, allowing easy access while out in the field – all without having to tether yourself with cords or plugs from one device to another as happens oftentimes when using traditional cameras. And because it records exactly what sights were seen by our eyes at that moment (making sure no detail gets overlooked! We can relive those special moments over again years later on through this mirrorless technology today!

All the buyers and peoples have positive reviews about the Lidcam. Now if you’re looking for a hands-free solution to capture your outdoor memories, the LiDCAM is an excellent option. It’s possible that this camera will be just what you need. The LiDCAM can clip right onto any cap or hat so there’s no worry of having to carry around a regular camera while on the go! If you have this cam please write your reviews and experience about the lidcam in the below comment box or tell us by contacting us. Your reviews and writing will help other people to make decisions easily. If you want to know my opinion, I’ll recommend it in a positive way and you must have to try it because it’s not too much expensive.

Don’t forget to share your hunting videos on our review page. Best of luck with hunting and enjoy your lid cam safely.

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