What does the caps lock key do?

Do you want to know what does the caps lock key do on our computer or laptop keyboard? Well! Caps lock key is designed for capital letters and it makes your letters upper case. If you accidentally press this key then all your letters become the upper case and in some situations, it can be a serious problem. Like you are writing on your document then you accidentally press the Caps Lock key and then your document shows a lot of caps case letters. In this article, we will see how our Caps Lock key works, what is its usage, and what is the problem when the Caps Lock key gets pressed. I hope the information on this page will help you to get the answer that may be an important question in your upcoming exams. or maybe this question is asked in an interview. Let’s start

The Caps lock key become popular in the 1980s, It became a standard feature on keyboards in 1985 but over the years people started using the caps lock key as a normal key because everyone is aware that it can be used to type capital letters in some cases. That’s why we will get error messages on our computers asking us to always turn it off. So we will be sharing details about the caps lock key and the way to turn it off.

What does the caps lock key do?
ESC, Tab, and Caps Lock Keys

What does the caps lock key do?

Caps Lock is a toggle control for typewriters or computers that allows users to easily switch between upper and lower case lettering. It can be used on either side of the keyboard, depending on the user’s preference in using one side or the other. Well, the Caps Lock computer & laptop keyboard key changes the normal output of letters from lowercase to uppercase. It is found below the “Tab key” and toggles the Shift key’s state. For example, if one types in “example” normally, their letter will appear in lowercase. However, if Caps Lock was enabled, then upon pressing this key and typing the same sequence again (“EXAMPLE”), it would instead appear in uppercase.

What is the other name of the Caps Lock key?

The caps lock is also known as the “Narrator Key” in the window narrator programming language. This button is also known as the “toggle key“.

What is the main function of the Caps Lock key?

You must keep in mind that the caps lock button not only allows us to write upper case letters. With the help of this key, we can generate hundreds of emojis that we are using on our social media platform and massaging apps.

How many Caps Lock keys are on the keyboard?

We have only 1 CAPS LOCK key on our keyboard but there are two more locks keys that also have the lock term and they are “Num Lock” and “Scroll Lock”.

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