What Dpi Does Eomzo Use? Eomzo Gaming Setup

Many of us don’t recognize the Eomzo by face and by gender including me. But you know some people don’t know their value, same as Eomzo who is a famous Fortnite gaming player but he personally doesn’t know his value. In today’s post I am going to share some of my research about this guy, I know it reflects the title of my article and what DPI does Emoze use. But don’t worry, I will answer all your questions about the Eomzo biography and its gaming setup and settings. As you remember, before that we shared the Shroud DPI settings. So the same as that Eomzo Uses the 400 DPI for Fortnite games. Let’s read some more info about Eomzo

What dpi does eomzo use

How old is Eomzo?

I am not sure but, I saw him in youtube videos and he looks around 25 to 30 years old. I personally wanted to interview him but never got a response. But for your information, if you ask me about Gender, So by gender Eomzo is Male from North America East with the National Residency of Canada.

What DPI Does Eomzo Use?

I will surely say that the DPI level of Eomze for Fortnite is 400 DPI. You know that before the Fortnite game, he was previously famous for the Fear Nova team, during research, I found that he uses the 800DPI for that. He is Playing Fortnite since 2019. Below is the chart we take from the fandom website profile.

Eomzo Gaming Settings

During our research, we found the five social media channels he uses. That is Instagram and Twitter for his fans to engage and chat with them. While twitch and youtube for video streaming and video sharing. And you know well these video platforms are famous for Channels and streamers make some money from their videos. Well! the links of social Media are following, where you can easily follow and subscribe to the Eomzo and get the latest updates from his gaming world.

Eomzo has five thousand followers on Instagram Platforms. On Twitter, the number of followers is crossed the 35k+ and the same situation on Youtube with 38k subscribers, while on twitch the number of fans is 97k+ till now. (We update the volume on February 2022 Last time). For more information, you can visit the channel by following links.

Eomzo Fortnite Tracker

There are so many fake profiles on Fortnite tracker websites with the name of Eomzo. But this link is real because it shows the recent Eomzo Fortnite tracker record.

Eomzo Net Worth and Earning?

As per research, we found that at the begging of the year 2021, the estimated earning of Eomzo was $35,000 per month. You know that as the YT channel is growing and twitch followers are increasing, we find an increase in earnings. If I guess right, the recent Net Worth of Eomzo would be around $50,000. What do you say about it?

What dpi should I use?

Now, this is the real question, well the answer depends on your game what game you are playing and what quality and brand of mouse and keyboard you are using. Totally depends on your hands and gaming console setup. Experts say the 800DPI level is best for games like Volarant, usually, for all FPS games, the DPI between 400 to 800 is best. Same like that, for warzone I will recommend the 450 DPI. 400 DPI is also best for games like CS: GO. So don’t worry about your DPI level, just set it accordingly and if you have confusion in mind, don’t forget to share it in below comment box. We’ll answer what DPI is best and what DPI should you use.

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