What DPI Does Shroud Use?

Shroud is born on 02 June 1994, he is most famous for PUBG games and his residence country is Canada. Now Shroud is famous as Twitch Streamer who has more than 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel too and more than 3 million followers on Twitter. He is a famous streamer, and famous in the gaming streamer industry. You know that a person’s ability in gaming if he has millions of subscribers and followers, well shroud is one of the most popular streamers and most famous professional gaming player out there. I know the purpose of your search, the reason behind your search is to find the Shroud DPI Settings.

What DPI does Shroud use? Shroud uses the 400 DPI. This is the average level of DPI he’s used for almost all genes for a long time and made no changes in DPI Settings. Shroud feels comfortable because he is familiar with 400 DPI.

What DPI Does Shroud Use
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Do you know how you can find the perfect DPI for FPS games? Keep reading this blog post will help you to whether or not the Shroud DPI level is right for you or not?

What DPI Does Shroud Use?

As we already answered The Shroud DPI setting is 400 DPI. He is famous for popular games and plays games, like PUBG, Apex Legends, CS: GO, Volarent, Warzone, and other Battle Royale games and FPS (first-person shooters) games. Do you know what DPI setting he uses? In this blog, I will show you what DPI setting he uses in his gaming mouse and keyboard, you know some he uses 400 DPI, and some he uses 800 DPI. It depends on the different games.

In his below video the 400DPI and 100 sense give the same movement feel as 800 dpi and 50 sense, it is correct for most movements.

For the micro-movement, mostly pro players suggest the 800 and 50 sense. What do you say about it? The high dpi helps in pixel skipping, but the pro gamers do not need the higher than 400 dpi.

How many subscribers does shroud have?

Do you know where shroud streaming is now? or does he uses Facebook or other social media accounts for social engagements.? Shroud has its own Youtube Channel with subscribers of around 7M, and a twitch tv channel with a follower of 10M. Shroud also has subscribers on his Facebook page and Twitter account and both are estimated at 250k+. Below are the links you can use to connect with him directly and chat with him.

  1. Shroud Facebook
  2. Shroud Youtube Channel
  3. Shroud Twitch Tv
  4. Shroud Instagram Account

What DPI Does Shroud Use for warzone?

Shroud uses the 450 DPI for warzone with a polling rate of 1000hz. The sensitivity level of 7.50 and the vertical sensitivity level of 1.00, keep the ADS mouse sensitivity Relative. ADS, sense low and high zoom to 1.00 with the Gradual transition timing. His Monitor Distance Coefficient for Warzone is 1.33 while the mouse acceleration and mouse filtering are almost 0.00 and he keeps the mouse smoothing for warzone is disabled.

What DPI Does Shroud Use for Valorant?

As we mentioned in the above point of Warzone that shroud uses the 450 DPI for Valorant too. Here below is the mouse setting of the shroud for playing Valorant, he is currently using the Logitech G Pro X Superlight gaming Mouse.

  • DPI: 450  
  • In-game Sensitivity: 0.78
  • eDPI: 351
  • Scoped Sensitivity: 1
  • Polling Rate: 1000       
  • Windows Sensitivity: 6
  • Shroud Valorant Settings: Crosshair

What DPI does shroud use CS:GO?

DPI setting is a major factor that affects his performance as a gamer as well as in his career as a professional CSGO player. Shroud uses the same 450 DPI setting for CS:GO which offers him the best control of movement in all the CSGO maps.

That was the knowledge that I share with you guys. Now its turns to your I have two following questions and I want you all to give the answers. Please write your options in the comment box or contact us page.

1. Why does shroud use 450 dpi?

2. What’s the Right DPI for you?

Is there a difference between 400 and 800 DPI?

Ah, ok. So you’re saying that if I keep my mouse’s DPI settings the same on both mouse x and mouse y and change only their CPI values, will it be the same for me?

Do you know a major difference? Well! I will share just my opinion, if setting both DPI and scoped sensitivity to 800 dpi and 0.85, what’s the difference between those settings and 400 dpi with a 1.7 sensitivity? They all make your mouse slower when choosing weapons right? What do you say about it?

Is 400 dpi good for gaming?

400DPI is the best Overwatch players use. The list of players includes the, first of all, Shroud, after that Dafran, AimbotCalvin, S1mple, Scream, Galeadelade, Eomzo, and many other pro gamers who also use 400DPI. It’s proven that when you’re using 400DPI, your aim will be top-notch even against others of similar skill levels to yours. Now tell me what DPI should you use 400 or 800, tell us why?

I’d have to set the mouse sensitivity too low to properly play at 4000 DPI and have it read as I want it to on game sensitivity. Counter-Strike has good precision because it allows you to use a lower DPI (which means more control) while still having a higher in-game sensitivity (which means movement is easier because the physical distance to move the cursor isn’t as far). 400 DPI is very popular among pro players, You know why? check this article for massive details.

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