Why Keyboards Get Oily & How to Clean Oily Keyboard?

The keyboard is the most important part of your computer. It’s where we spend hours typing feedback and communicating. But as we spend a lot of time on our keyboards, they start to get oily and dirty. They are oily because a lot of skin particles get deposited on the keyboard. It is dirty because of the skin particles. If you are wondering why keyboards get oily, then the answer is simple. The oil from your hands gets deposited on the keyboard and the skin particles get deposited on the oil.

Whatever your profession. A keyboard is a critical part of any computer-related activity. But even the highest qualities can get messy because of frequent use and need proper cleaning. There are many ways you could clean them depending on how serious the dirt or stain is, so let’s check out some simple options first before considering what would be best to try on your own keyboard.

Why Does my Keyboards Get So Oily?

Why Keyboards Get Oily & How to Clean Oily Keyboard?
Women are typing on a yellow-stained dirty keyboard

Are your keyboard keys shiny and sticky? You aren’t alone. It is quite normal because our keyboards are something so frequently used that we often don’t think twice about how they get those oily imprints on them. Now the question arises, where does that oil come from? The short answer is there could be several reasons for a keyboard becoming oily, but I will tell you more in detail about them so let’s take a look.

1. Not Cleaning Keyboard Properly

As a business owner, it is easy to become a workaholic. However, like all other equipment we own, keyboards require maintenance too and should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the working experience is a good one. If you don’t clean or dust your keyboard on a regular basis, the natural dust and dirt in the atmosphere will attach an oily layer on top of the keys of your keyboard, causing each keystroke to feel different from what you may have originally intended and becoming discolored over time as well.

2. Eating oily foods while using a keyboard

In contrast to what many people think, it is against the keyboard code of conduct to eat while using a keyboard. I’m sure most of us have had to take a break in the middle of a video game or during some other important task and grab something quick to eat and drink before getting back on track.

If your laptop stays open while you’re eating oily foods, they can get all over the keyboard. Your fingers might have oil on them and it could leave an oil mark on the ticket, especially if your keyboard has a glossy finish. That being said, it can take some time for the oil to actually make it into the cracks of the keys and create problems in your computer.

3. Using sweaty fingers on the keyboard

It’s not just oily foods that could make your keyboard greasy. If you work in a warm room on summer days, you might find yourself doing a lot of sweating. This sweat can especially be found around your hands and the palm area of your fingers. If you’re using your keyboard with sweaty hands. This may very well be why.

When a writer is typing and his hands are sweaty from excitement, he might leave a little soil on the keyboard. Over time, this sweat will get an oily texture. It’s not at all easy to remove it. So it’s best for the keyboard not to be touched until the author has had a rest and calmed down.

How to Prevent Keyboards from Getting Oily?

Being able to quickly clean up and remove excess oil is important to avoid damage to your electronic devices. But even more important in the long term is learning how to avoid oil getting on your computer peripherals and keyboard in the first place. Though it requires a little bit of effort upfront, taking these preventative steps will save you time cleaning up later and also help maintain the longevity of your devices reducing the chances of any malfunctions or breakdowns occurring down the line.

1. Clean Your Hands

We all try to make sure that our hands are clean, but sometimes we can forget to wash them. There’s an easy fix for that though: always keep hand sanitizer with you and make a point of using it after eating or when your hands get sweaty in the hot weather. Doing so will ensure that you won’t accidentally get the keyboard oily. Which is more common than you might think.

2. Daily Clean Your Keyboard

If you don’t want to have to wait for your keyboard or laptop keys to dry out and be unusable until then, there is only one way around it and that is to clean your keyboard periodically. Just take a quick minute each so that you can use it for longer.

You don’t have to clean your keyboard every single day at all. All you need to do is make sure you’re being diligent about being attentive to the condition of your keyboard and maintaining it so that it doesn’t get too greasy. If you’re able to keep up with maintaining it on a regular basis, then things will be a whole lot easier for you because your keyboard won’t end up becoming dirty by excess oil and grease after so much use, which is especially nice because we know how difficult a job it can be to clean a keyboard without having the right tools and knowing what needs to be done.

To avoid oily keyboards, it’s best to clean them off periodically by either running water over them or flipping your keyboard upside down and shaking it enough for the excess oil to drip out.

3. Use a Keyboard Cover

If you want to make sure that your keyboard stays in tip-top shape for a long time. You’ll want to consider purchasing a keyboard cover. If you’re looking for more of a permanent solution. However, it’s possible to take apart your keyboard and remove all of its keys which can then be washed thoroughly before being placed back into the original layout. Keyboard covers are also an excellent alternative if you’re not concerned about throwing your keys in the washing machine. This is especially true if the cover itself is transparent so that the keys are showing through.

How to Clean Your Oily Keyboard?

How to clean oily keyboard

Our desks are multi-purpose battle stations and in today’s world of technology, where so many things can happen simultaneously. It’s easy to lose focus on the most important things. In addition to attending to all calls and emails. We often eat lunch or snacks and catch up on Slack messages or play PC games with teammates after work hours. We also let our desktop setups gather dust as we retreat to the couch (or bed) with our laptops after a long day at the office.
Dirt and crumbs can make a keyboard dirty and take away from the aesthetics of your working area, which is unhygienic. But it can also disrupt the functionality of your keyboard. So don’t let Dorito dust wreak havoc on your typing tools! As spring approaches, it’s time to clean more than your hands. Dust off your office equipment so you can stay healthy and focused all year long.

Brush Out the Muck

Dirty keyboards are a big problem, especially for people with caps lock or shift keys that stick. There are specially designed keyboard cleaning kits available with built-in brushes of all shapes and sizes to help you sweep out the crumbs, hair, and other forms of dirt that get lodged between the cracks of your tainted QWERTY layout.
Sometimes, depending on the size of your business. You may not need a dedicated person for each particular job function or task hence you could consider outsourcing some of these functions to specialists who can come in and help you out when necessary. This way, you free up your time and resources to concentrate on more important tasks/functions.
Based on your description, it sounds like the residue is stuck to certain keys rather than just the keyboard in general. If this is indeed the case. You’ll want to try cleaning the affected areas with a fluid like rubbing alcohol or white vinegar instead of water to loosen what’s on there and then use another paper towel to wipe it away.

Blow Out Your Keyboard

For PC users, canned air is an essential purchase to help keep your computer in tip-top shape. One of the best things you can use it for is cleaning out your keyboard. The trick here is to insert a straw from a canned drink inside the nozzle of the can, but make sure there’s no lid on that drink when you do so. This will allow you to easily blow the dust out if one of your keys happens to get stuck down there.
You’ll need to make sure to check out your keyboard under different lighting (natural sunlight is best) and really evaluate how clean it currently is before using canned air on it. It won’t vaporize all of the dirt under the keys. But with enough effort and a little bit of know-how you can clear away the grime that you see now.
Before you start this method. Make sure to remove the keycaps. Doing so will make it more effective and so your best bet is to do it first if at all possible. When using canned air, be careful not to get too close because that creates condensation which leads to moisture or frost forming behind the keys. Try experimenting with different distances in order to find the most effective strength of airflow without damaging the keyboard.
After your keyboard body has been cleaned out with an air duster, it might also pay to take it to the store and let it sit in the lifestyle section for a couple of days. Not only will this allow debris you can’t see to fall out. But you might also find some of your friends hanging around there who will be attracted by the new color.

Take Out the Cleaning Gel

Want to be Steve McQueen in The Blob? Next time you see something that looks like cleaning gel or cleaning gum, pop it into your mouth, chew it up, and rub it all over your keyboard.
This sticky blob is slimy and gross. It slowly oozes across your keyboard, picking up any particles it can stick to, like crumbs or dirt between the keys. Though you can reuse it again and again, eventually it will turn dark; when you notice that its color has changed, that’s probably the point where it’s time to quit.
This is a really interesting tip on how to clean your keyboard. However, we want to inform you that there are certain brands of gel cleaner that leave behind oily residues so you might need to use pipe cleaners or cotton swabs soaked in rubbing alcohol so they don’t get stuck under your keys. Also, the cleaning gel itself tends to get dirty very quickly with all the dirt and hair that builds up on your keyboard, so it needs replacing every few weeks especially if you have pets or young children at home lastly when the used up clumps start looking gross.

Final Verdicts

Oily keyboards can actually be harmful to one’s health. By spreading germs onto your keyboard, you risk exposing yourself to a lot of bacteria that could potentially make you sick. One way to stop the grease from spreading is by finding some isopropyl alcohol and spraying it onto the source of the grease (if you can find it) from as far away as possible and then using a microfiber cloth or sponge to wipe off the oil. This will keep your keyboard clean for longer and it may even improve its look. I hope this article on why keyboards get oily is helpful to you, if we miss anything feel free to contact us and share your opinion in below comment box.

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